The Culinary Institute of America

  • Your First Day at the CIA

    Residence Hall Check In

    If you've been assigned to a residence hall on campus you can move into your room after 2 p.m. on the day before your entry date. If you arrive after midnight, please check in at the safety office to obtain keys to your room.

    International Phone Calls

    You may be eager to call home as soon as you arrive on campus (typically on a Sunday). If you plan to do so, please bring a long-distance calling card with you. This card will allow you to make an international call without having to wait until Monday or Tuesday, when all students are offered AT&T long distance telephone service. In the U.S. you may purchase calling cards in gas stations, convenience stores, drug stores, and airport shops. The bookstore on campus also sells international calling cards Monday–Saturday.

    Meals on Your First Day

    Your arrival on campus usually coincides with two days (Sunday and sometimes Monday) when classes are not in session. This means that the kitchens and bakeshops are not in operation and student meals are not available. You can purchase a quick meal at the café in the CIA's Student Recreation Center or at Stewart's which is within walking distance on Route 9 across from the CIA. You will also find a variety of restaurants on Route 9 a few miles north of the campus, including Coco's Pasta & Grill, Coppola's Ristorante, Darby O'Gill's, Eveready Diner, the Hyde Park Brewing Co., and McDonald's.

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