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  • Educators—Bring CIA Expertise to Your Students

    High School Culinary Arts Teachers and Guidance Counselors

    We know you’re as committed as we are to helping students learn and succeed—and we’d like to help you. Here are some education resources from the CIA to spark a passion in your students for culinary arts and pursuing careers in the food industry.

    Whether for use in the classroom or simply for handing out to interested students, these materials are perfect for the aspiring young chef or food professional in your school.

    Please share, and let your students know about the CIA. The knowledge and skills they’ll gain here—along with the food-focused, full collegiate experience they’ll enjoy—will prepare them for an amazing life of food. And that CIA degree they’ll carry with them into the workforce is the most respected education credential in the business.

  • Competition Success Tips

    Scholarships, bragging rights, and the thrill of competing…National Student Organization culinary competitions can be very rewarding for your students! See our faculty’s 5 tips for success.

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  • Thank You!

    Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in Professional Development: A Day @CIA! It was an incredible day of learning, sharing, and networking. Enjoy some photos from the event and watch this space for future events.

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