Only at the CIA

  • #OnlyAtCIA

    It’s so much more than a hashtag. #OnlyAtCIA represents the countless ways the world’s premier culinary college is unlike anywhere else. It’s why one of the greatest chefs ever, Paul Bocuse, called the CIA the “best culinary school in the world.” It’s our innovative, experiential courses; our unrivaled global reputation; our vital thought leadership. Expect all this and more—only at the CIA.

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    Why Study at the CIA?

    You’re in your element; everyone here loves food. You’ll get an education that gives you immediate respect and prestige then join a network of more than 50,000 grads looking to hire you.
    Choosing the Best Culinary College

    Choosing the Best Culinary College

    Think about where you want your degree to take you in the dynamic food world—and find the college with the education quality, reputation, contacts, and industry access to get you there.
    CIA Leads the Way - Innovation Kitchen

    The CIA Leads the Way

    Through our innovative academic programs, conferences, and thought leadership initiatives, the future of the food world is shaped at the CIA.