CIA Student Life

  • Food is Community

    One of the best things about being a CIA student is that even outside the kitchen or classroom, there’s still so much to do that revolves around the love of your life—food. No matter which campus you choose, there are plenty of activities for continued learning, networking, and fun.

  • NY Campus Life

    New York Campus—The Total Culinary College Experience

    So you want a world-class culinary education and an exciting student experience on a major college campus at the same time? Our dynamic and immersive main campus in Hyde Park, NY, is the place to do it. Everything you want in a rich college life is here—sports, clubs, student events, and tons of other great things to do.
    California Campus Life

    California Campus—A Food and Wine Lover’s Dream

    The two locations that comprise the CIA’s California campus—Greystone in St. Helena and Copia in Napa—offer some of the world's most unique and inspiring food and wine experiences. There are so many amazing conferences, research projects, special events, and education programs going on, you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement.
    TX Campus Life

    Texas Campus—A Vibrant Urban Learning Environment

    Located on the San Antonio River Walk, the CIA San Antonio attracts a unique blend of aspiring chefs, food lovers, and established culinary leaders. The campus is part of the historic Pearl complex, which features an exciting array of shops, restaurants, and other attractions.
  • “Almost every profession has an outstanding training ground. The military has West Point, music has Juilliard, and the culinary arts has the Institute.”
    — Craig Claiborne, Celebrated Author and Food Critic, The New York Times