Customize Your CIA Degree

  • Bachelor’s Degree Concentrations and Study-Abroad Travel Experiences

    There’s no better way for you to explore the world of food than to explore the world. At the CIA, you can not only travel the globe experiencing different foods and cultures, you can focus your education on exactly what you want to do for your career. Take a deep dive into a specific topic or culinary region that interests you, and get ready to expand your culinary universe!

    Bachelor’s Degree Concentrations

    Focused Concentrations

    What could be better than an opportunity to learn from experts in the field, challenge yourself, and shape your future in the industry—with a program that is already included in your tuition? Choose to take a semester-long bachelor’s degree concentration to deepen your knowledge of a topic. Or, branch out and try something completely unexpected—you never know where inspiration and your future in food will come from!

    CIA Study Abroad Travel Experiences

    CIA Study Abroad Travel Experiences

    Choose from select concentrations to add travel, culture, and cuisines to your college experience. Whether you choose a destination across the country or abroad, the CIA’s extensive, unparalleled connections will open doors for you. Led by CIA faculty, these one-of-a-kind study abroad experiences broaden your world and food view.