Travel Abroad Experiences

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  • Explore Your World

    Whether you choose a domestic or international destination, you’ll get special access to the cuisines and cultures of these exciting locations. It’s the best possible way to deepen your knowledge of international techniques and flavors, and develop an appreciation for another culture.

  • Study Abroad

  • Study in Japan


    Before even leaving the New York campus, you’ll begin with six weeks of study under a Japanese culinary instructor from the Tsuji Culinary Institute in Osaka. Then you’ll experience everything you’ve learned first-hand during 10 days in Japan—touring Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Learn more about the Japanese Cuisine: A Study of Tradition, Flavor, and Culture concentration.
    Study in Singapore


    Spend an entire semester at the CIA Singapore, made possible by our historic partnership with the Singapore Institute of Technology. Learn new cooking techniques, taste new flavors, and explore a melting pot of cultures in the Asian Cuisine: An Edible Journey from Traditional to Contemporary concentration.
    Study in Spain


    Live in Barcelona for a semester while you study at the Torribera Mediterranean Center. As you learn about indigenous ingredients and regional cooking techniques, you’ll also explore their relationship to health. Learn more about the Mediterranean Cuisine: Exploring Cultures, Traditions, and Flavors concentration.
  • Want to travel, but not quite so far from home?

    Study in California


    The CIA’s California campus—located in the heart of Napa Valley, the ultimate food and wine destination—is host to three concentration options. Choose from Advanced Concepts in Baking and Pastry; Advanced Wine, Beverage, and Hospitality; and Farm-to-Table: Practices of a Sustainable Table. Whatever your interest, you’ll spend a full semester exploring and tasting all the region has to offer.

    Study in Texas


    Experience the vibrant culture and restaurant scene of San Antonio during the Latin American Cuisine concentration. You’ll spend the semester living and learning at the CIA’s Texas campus, immersed in the bold and fresh flavors of Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Central America, Caribbean, and other Latin American regions.