Travel Abroad Experiences

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  • A DEEP Dive!

    When you travel abroad as a CIA student, you’re always a VIP! Our world-wide reputation means you get special access to the cuisines and cultures of these exciting destinations. It’s the best possible way to deepen your knowledge of international techniques and flavors, and develop an appreciation for another culture.

  • Study Abroad in China


    From picking tea leaves on a plantation to visiting the Bamboo Mountain and Terracotta Warriors, and from sampling Sichuan street food to learning from China’s best chefs, this adventure is a once-in-a lifetime experience!
    Study Abroad in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica

    Explore the mountains and plains of Costa Rica—named 2019 UN Champion of the Earth—and learn first-hand how some of the world’s best cacao and coffee beans, vanilla, and sugar cane are grown.
    Study Abroad in France


    Extend your knowledge of French food and culture with opportunities to learn from great chefs, tour local markets, and taste the terroir at famous wineries throughout the Champagne, Normandy, and Alsace regions.
    Study Abroad in Italy


    Authentic in every way, this tour of Italy’s cuisine and culture takes you behind closed doors to sites of local food producers, wineries, mills, and pasta makers, as well as visits to several amazing historic landmarks.
    Study Abroad in Peru


    Savor the cuisine of the Andean highlands and visit Machu Picchu, explore the rich fusion of ingredients and cooking techniques in Peruvian cuisine, and visit memorable cultural locations.
    Study Abroad in Spain


    Ingredients are center stage during this exciting trip! Visit fisherman in Basque country, farmers raising Iberian pigs, family-owned artisanal cheese-makers, and taste great Spanish wines, everywhere.
    Study Abroad in Tanzania


    Discover the culture, history, and agriculture of East Africa in Tanzania. Visit a coffee farm, attend a game drive, meet the Maasai people, visit Zanzibar, and explore the issue of food insecurity, on this unparalleled trip.