Academic Programs at the CIA

    Fire Up Your Love of Food

  • Immersive, Food-Focused Learning

    Other colleges are just discovering what we’ve known all along: experiential learning is the best way to deeply understand, retain, and apply new knowledge and skills. It’s also the very best way to prepare for success in the real world. That’s why we offer a wide variety of internships, study-abroad programs, and bachelor’s degree concentrations to further enrich your CIA education.

    CIA degree programs blend the best of immersive learning, teamwork, and food-focused academics to start you on an exciting journey of growth and discovery. If you love food and want a fulfilling career, you just found your dream school.

  • Associate Degrees at the CIA

    Associate Degrees

    Get the core culinary arts or baking and pastry arts knowledge and skills that are at the foundation of everything you’ll do at the CIA—and out in the food world.
    Bachelor’s Degrees at the CIA

    Bachelor’s Degrees

    Go higher and deeper in the world of food and hospitality, with experiences, instruction, and curricula that prepare you to lead the industry and change the world.
    Master’s and Certificate Programs at the CIA

    Master’s and Certificate Programs

    Grow your career and open up new opportunities with targeted programs that give you exactly the right food, wine, and business know-how and connections.