Academic Programs at the CIA

    Fire Up Your Love of Food

  • Immersive, Food-Focused Learning

    The best way to learn is by doing, and you won’t find a better place to get hands-on with food than the CIA. You’ll build a strong foundation as you prepare for your successful food career, on a campus with plenty of wide-open spaces to explore and things to do.

    Your passion for food is tailor-made for a CIA degree program. The unique learning, teamwork, and food-focused academics you’ll experience every day will help you grow and fully discover this exciting profession. You did it—you’ve just found your dream school! Now find the program that's right for you...

  • CIA Academic Programs by Major

    Programs By Major

    Want to shine in a kitchen or bakeshop? Lead a successful food business? Make a difference in the world through food? These diverse, industry-relevant CIA majors will put you on the right path to an amazing career.

    CIA Academic Programs by Degree

    Programs By Degree

    Trying to decide which Culinary Institute of America degree is right for you? Whether it’s a master’s, bachelor’s, associate, or certificate, you’ll find the CIA degree program that will help you reach your dreams.

    CIA Academic Programs by Location

    Programs By Location

    You can’t go wrong with these choices. The settings vary by location, but they’re all spectacular—and they all offer world-class Culinary Institute of America programs that will launch your career. Check them out!

  • Concentrations and Travel Experiences

    You’re in control! Guide your education path with our diverse concentrations, and plan your itinerary to see the world through our study abroad travel programs. Learn More >

    Restaurants and Internships

    At the CIA, there are so many ways to hone your skills. On-campus public restaurants and semester-long internships give you the real-world experience you need. Learn More >

    Academic Calendars and Catalog

    You’ll find all the key dates, reminders, and important information to help you throughout your CIA experience, right here in our handy academic calendars and catalog. Learn More >