Bachelor’s Degree Concentration


    Farm-to-Table: Practices of a Sustainable Table

    If you believe there’s nothing better than fresh, local food and socially conscious green practices to create the best dining experiences, our Farm-to-Table bachelor’s degree concentration is perfect for you. At our CIA California campus in the Napa Valley, you’ll spend the semester examining the ideals behind this food philosophy, growing and harvesting food on our campus farm, and creating community events that celebrate and engage local farmers and producers.

    Other highlights:

    • Explore topics such as advanced cooking, ecology of food, sustainable food systems, and chef-community relations.
    • Plant and nurture crops in the Greystone gardens.
    • Source ingredients from local farms, fields, and forests in this world-renowned food and wine region.
    • Develop menus using sourced ingredients as you participate in tastings and cooking demos.
    • Produce menu items in a professional kitchen setting.

    Only students in the Food Business Management degree and Applied Food Studies degree are eligible for this concentration.

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