Beverage Production

    Bachelor’s Degree Concentration

  • Beverage Production and Service

    Beverages are not only an integral part of dining, but fascinating subjects all on their own. They are also an exciting and profitable part of the food and hospitality industry. And you won’t find more focused, comprehensive coverage of that world from a production and service standpoint than this concentration. From fine wines to craft beers to distilled spirits, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to become a sought-after beverage expert.

    Program Highlights:

    • Learn from our renowned wine and beverage faculty.
    • Focus on craft beverages such as beer, ale, cider, sake, and whiskey, including in-depth info about production and evaluation.
    • Get hands-on experience in our award-winning on-campus brewery.
    • Study advanced principles of wine and service management.
    • Take field trips to breweries, distilleries, and more around the lush, bountiful Hudson Valley.

    Only students in the Food Business Management degree, Hospitality Management degree, Applied Food Studies degree, or bachelor’s degree completion program are eligible for this concentration.

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