Asian Cuisine Studies

    Bachelor’s Degree Concentration


    Asian Cuisine: An Edible Journey from Traditional to Contemporary

    Asian cuisines have deeply influenced the world. Wouldn’t it be great if they could positively impact your career path too? It’s all about the “Silk Road,” whose indigenous foods and diverse cultural points of view will open you up to a new world of flavor possibilities. During a full semester at the CIA Singapore, you’ll study the foods and understand the historical context of China, Korea, Japan, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and more.

    “My semester in Singapore really pushed me outside of my comfort zone. Learning about all of the new cooking techniques and ingredients really expanded my horizons. I would do it again in an instant!”—Samantha Wong, CIA Bachelor’s Degree Student

    Other highlights:

    • Explore Asia’s regional ingredients, preparation techniques, and iconic dishes.
    • Examine the history and global impact of Asian cuisine.
    • Meet with farmers, chefs, and educators; visit production facilities and farms; and sample local foods in a variety of locations throughout Asia.

    Learn more about travel abroad program to China.

    Only students in the Food Business Management degree and Applied Food Studies degree are eligible for this concentration.

  • “Spending a semester in Singapore was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I gained incredible insight towards new cuisines and different ways of life. Living in Southeast Asia has better prepared me for working in an industry of very diverse people.”—Megan McLewin, CIA Bachelor’s Degree Student