• Find out about CIA international student admissions requirements, we're here to help make your culinary school application easy.
  • CIA International Students Admissions Requirements

    Get Started with Your CIA Education!

    We’re here to make the admissions process as fast and easy as possible for you. First, apply online and complete the application form. Next, provide the information listed below:

    1. Official High School and College Transcripts—We require the official attested paper copy. Your transcripts must show grades/marks and be translated into English.
    2. Recommendation—Your recommendation should be from an employer, mentor, professor, or professional colleague. It should address your commitment to the food world, problem-solving ability, and persistence in either work or academics.
    3. Personal Statement—Submit a personal statement (no less than 200 words, no more than 500) telling us why you’re passionate about the food and hospitality industry, what experiences you have, and how you feel that your experiences have prepared you for The Culinary Institute of America.
    4. Proof of Funding—A copy of a bank statement from a savings account, certificate of deposit, or money market account showing proof of funding by your sponsor OR a letter from the bank verifying that the required funds are reserved for your education. We require proof of one year’s tuition and fees, equal to $50,000 USD. Download a copy of the official bank certification here.
    5. Declaration of Financial Support—A letter of financial support from your sponsor stating that he or she intends to cover all tuition and living expenses while you study at the CIA. Download a copy of the declaration form here.
    6. Proof of English Proficiency—If English is not your native language, you will be required to demonstrate proficiency through one of the following exams. Your test results must be attached to your application:

    In lieu of an English Proficiency exam, you may also enroll and complete a program from one of our approved language schools.

    If you have attended high school or a postsecondary education institution where English is the primary language of instruction, we may be able to waive the English proficiency requirement upon review of your transcripts.

    All documentation provided with your CIA application must be in English or be accompanied by a notarized translation of the documents into English alongside the original copies.

    For information on applying for our Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program, please visit our “How to Apply” pages.

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