CIA Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program

  • You’ve realized that a career in the food world is what you really want. The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Arts offered through our Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program is probably right for you if…

    • You’ve earned an associate degree and want to make the move to get a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts.
    • You’re currently enrolled at a college but you believe a career in food is your true destiny.
    • Or, you’ve got credits from another college just gathering dust that you can put to good use to complete your degree and follow your dreams.

    In the Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Arts Degree Completion Program, you’ll learn from the CIA’s industry-experienced faculty and experience receive a hands-on learning opportunities that prepare you to confidently launch your career in the exciting world of food.

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    Plate Expectations

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment opportunities for chefs will grow 9 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the national average for other careers. You’ll find plenty of employment opportunities at restaurants, hotels, casinos, and other upscale dining establishments. Career options include:

    • Purchasing manager
    • Private chef
    • Catering manager
    • Culinary entrepreneur
    • Research and development chef
    • University or corporate dining chef
    • Food media
    • Public health and wellness


    This program is designed for students who wish to complete their bachelor’s degree. Therefore, you must have at least 30 eligible credits to matriculate into this program.

    The 126-credit Bachelor of Professional Studies in Culinary Arts program includes:

    • 51 culinary arts requirements credits
    • 30 liberal arts credits
    • 3 advanced concepts requirements credits and 12 approved culinary electives credits OR a 15-credit concentration
    • 30 elective credits

    In this degree completion program, you will take carefully selected courses that build experiential, hands-on culinary, beverage, and service skills in the CIA’s legendary kitchens, tasting theaters, and restaurants.

    The curriculum also features a semester-long internship experience, as well as the opportunity to focus on an area of the food world that interests you most, during a specialized study concentration that includes a semester away in California, Texas, Italy, or Singapore.

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    Requirements for Admission

    • High school diploma or GED credential.
    • One character letter of recommendation is required. It should be from an employer, teacher, or professional colleague (within or outside the foodservice industry). The letter should address your commitment to the food world, problem-solving abilities, and persistence as it relates to your career or academic experiences.
    • This program is designed for students who wish to complete their bachelor’s degree. Candidates must have at least 30 eligible transfer credits earned at another college to matriculate into this program.

    How to Apply

    Culinary School Costs

    The CIA is very committed to making your CIA education as affordable as possible. Our costs are comparable to similar colleges, and here’s even better news—approximately 92% of our students receive some form of financial aid.

    Don’t let applying for financial assistance keep you from going to the world’s premier culinary college. No matter what your individual circumstances are, we will work with you to help make attending the CIA an affordable investment in your future in the world of food.

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  • Join CIA Professor Dr. Maureen Costura as she takes you on an up-close tour of the college’s apiary. This project, part of the Applied Food Studies degree program, is an exciting experience for students who are studying the role, benefits, and challenges of pollinators in the ecology of our food systems.

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