Food is Big. CIA Degrees Serve Up Big Opportunities.

  • Open the Door to a Hospitality Career

    With a CIA Bachelor of Science (BS) in Hospitality Management degree, you’ll be ready to assume executive-level positions at world-class hotels, restaurants, resorts, and other top tourist attractions and destination management locations.

  • Accelerated Degree Option

    Do you have professional, hands-on kitchen experience in the food world? You may qualify for an externship waiver—enabling you to graduate up to 15 weeks earlier! Learn more about our Accelerated Degree Option.

  • Culinary Science

    Channel your inner food scientist and make yourself a more knowledgeable and sought-after professional in the foodservice and hospitality industry. Space is limited. Act quickly!

  • “Almost every profession has an outstanding training ground. The military has West Point, music has Juilliard, and the culinary arts has the Institute.”
    — Craig Claiborne, Celebrated Author and Food Critic, The New York Times