• Learn about CIA's farm to table American food studies concentration, a unique bachelor's degree program.
  • American Food Studies: Farm-to-Table Cooking Bachelor’s Degree Concentration

    Prepare for a greener future with this concentration. Do you admire the success of celebrity chefs like Thomas Keller and Jasper White? Do you believe there’s nothing better than fresh, local food to create the best dining experiences? Is your dream restaurant connected with local farms and artisanal producers in a network of healthy, socially conscious green practices?

    You can prepare for this greener future with the CIA’s farm-to-table bachelor’s degree concentration, which will introduce you to the philosophy, knowledge, and practices at the center of the Farm-To-Table movement. You’ll discover how restaurant concepts, menu creativity, and local sourcing come together to create successful, green restaurants. And during your Farm-to-Table concentration you’ll learn from some of the Napa Valley’s famous guest chef/owners, farmers, and purveyors.

    In this concentration, you’ll spend a full semester at the Napa Valley campus of the top culinary school in California, The Culinary Institute of America. The concentration’s conservatory-like model will bring together masters (celebrity chefs, stars and CIA faculty) and scholars in a dynamic learning environment. In this concentration, you will:

    • Benefit from special lectures via visits, video conferencing, and taped courses from some of the biggest celebrity in the food industry—including Dean Fearing, Thomas Keller, Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters, Jasper White, and more.
    • Plant and nurture crops in the Greystone gardens, and source ingredients from local farms, fields, and forests in this world-famous food and wine region.
    • Develop menus using the sourced ingredients, participating in tasting and cooking demos along the way.
    • Produce menu items in a professional kitchen setting.

    Only students in the CIA bachelor’s degree Food Business Management program are eligible for this concentration.