Reduced Hours and Activities During Late July/August

We love to welcome campus visitors, but before you make your plans, please note that amazing changes are underway at the CIA campuses during the summer and our visiting hours and restaurant hours may be affected.

Please note that classes for degree and certificate program students at all of our U.S. campuses will not be in session from July 28–August 21, 2017. Classes will resume on August 22.


  • The Admissions Office at all three campuses will be open to welcome prospective students and their families.


  • Since many of our restaurants rely on our students for the full CIA dining experience, please refer to for the most up-to-the-minute information.
  • At the New York campus, all restaurants will be closed during this period.
  • At our California campus locations (Copia and Greystone), The Restaurant at CIA Copia and The Bakery Café by illy will be open.
  • At the Texas campus, Nao will be open for lunch and the outdoor taco stand will also be open.

Shopping, Classes, and More for Enthusiasts

Advanced Cooking: Japanese Cuisine

Course Bio: Advanced Cooking: Japanese Cuisine

Take this opportunity to learn the importance of Japanese knife skills, and master techniques for preparing the perfect nigiri, building umami-rich dashi, hand-cutting noodles, and more.

Dive into the world of Japanese cuisine, food culture, and history in Advanced Cooking: Japanese Cuisine, an elective course for CIA bachelor’s degree students. This course will introduce you to a wide range of Japanese ingredients, techniques, kitchen tools, and aesthetic themes, expanding your culinary vocabulary and skill set.

Chef Hiroki Murashima of the world-renowned Tsuji Culinary Institute will lead the course in collaboration with CIA Lecturing Instructor Martin Matysik, who also has experience with Japanese cuisine. You will build your expertise in the CIA kitchens and on a day-trip to New York City, where you will experience the Japanese culinary presence in one of America’s top food cities. The course will culminate in the preparation of a full Kaiseki multi-course dinner during the final class session.

A typical class day includes lecture by Chef Murashima on key historical and cultural aspects of the day’s menu, demonstrations of new techniques, and practical application of the new concepts. Dishes produced during class will be served for family meal and paired with Japanese beverages.

In this course, you’ll also learn:

  • Fundamental concepts, history, and skills of Japanese cooking
  • The making of dashi—an essential ingredient
  • Kaiseki and home cooking classic dishes
  • A variety of Japanese cooking techniques, including charcoal grilling, rice cookery, frying, and noodle making
  • The art of sushi and sashimi
  • Japanese confectionery basics

Enrollment in this fall’s course also opens the unique opportunity for a nine-day culinary tour of Japan. From bustling Tokyo—the city with the most Michelin star restaurants in the world—to the charming streets of historical Kyoto, to Fukuoka and Osaka, you will have the chance to experience many dimensions of Japanese food culture before embarking on your own journey back at the CIA in Hyde Park, NY.

“Being a part of the Advanced Cooking: Japanese Cuisine class was a really awesome opportunity and such a great addition to my bachelor’s curriculum. My expectations of the course were exceeded and I was able to learn so much about a cuisine that was entirely new to me prior to taking the class.”

— Aubree Hunter, CIA Bachelor’s Degree Student
"Starting with kaiseki, or Japanese haute cuisine, as the base of our curriculum, we explored the various cooking techniques of a traditional kaiseki menu. Seeing the way chef performed every single step, how he approached every ingredient, the rhythm of his pace and the look is his eyes, I understood that everything must be performed with a purpose. Advanced Cooking: Japanese Cuisine is a groundbreaking addition to the teaching philosophy of the CIA, towards the goal of shaping the future leaders of the food industry."

— Jose Lopez Ganem, CIA Bachelor’s Degree Student

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