The Culinary Institute of America

  • Bachelor's Degree Concentrations

  • Advanced Concepts in Baking and Pastry

    For baking and pastry students only.

    Learn to turn your baking and pastry creations into a successful business model. Why not reap the benefits of your amazing talent? This semester-long concentration will take you through the multifaceted experience of business planning, finance startup and forecasting, product design and development, marketing, packaging, and sales of the pastries you create.

    Designed exclusively for students in the CIA bachelor’s degree program in baking and pastry arts management, the Advanced Concepts in Baking and Pastry concentration is an amazing opportunity to do a deep dive into what it takes to make your unique skills and creative ideas highly profitable.

    You’ll spend an entire semester in the world-renowned Napa Valley, at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. Working in the amazing Ghirardelli Chocolate Discovery Center on campus, you will learn the science of chocolate and explore how quality chocolate can be used in baking, pastry, culinary, and beverage settings. In courses such as Pastry Concepts and Design; Modern Entremets, Pastries, and Petit Fours; Creative Artisan Chocolate and Confections; Advanced Pastry; and Business Planning, you will also:

    • Research recipes, produce them for consumption, and evaluate them.
    • Create a wide variety of products that are progressive in style, flavor, and appearance.
    • Take products through the entire cycle of production, from concept and design to planning production needs to packaging and display.
    • Use your knowledge of confectionery techniques and ingredient function to evaluate and troubleshoot products you design and put into production.
    • Develop a comprehensive business plan, including information about products or services, staff, marketing, financing, operating budgets, location, and facilities.

    Only students in the CIA bachelor’s degree program in baking and pastry arts management are eligible for this concentration.

  • Advanced Wine, Beverage, and Hospitality

    Capture the career benefits of wine and beverage mastery. It’s a simple but important fact in the business world—if you know how to grow profitability, you are more valuable to employers, and your own business will be more successful. Welcome to the world of wine and beverage management. In today’s restaurants, the “beverage program”—the wines, spirits, beers, and beverages you choose and promote—drive a major percentage of the profits. They deliver margins that other operations can only dream of, and successful programs are driven by expertise and strategy.

    The CIA’s Advanced Wine, Beverage, and Hospitality concentration is your ticket to this expertise. During your junior and senior years, including a semester-long course of study in the world-famous Napa Valley, you will learn the principles and practices for successful front-of-the-house beverage and service management.

    In addition to upper-level wine and beverage education, this concentration provides you with advanced principles of management specific to the front of the house, and details how to measure the success of a Service Delivery Model. This service piece, along with the business-operating component and immersive semester of study at the CIA’s California campus, makes the program truly unique. During this concentration, you will:

    • Benefit from expert faculty bridging the CIA’s New York and California campuses.
    • Explore and experience the amazing California north coast wine-producing areas.
    • Immerse yourself in advanced-level wine studies, spirits and principles of mixology, and event beverage service and planning.
    • Gain valuable knowledge and skills in this carefully crafted and integrated curriculum.
    • Develop into a well-rounded professional ready to take on a leadership position in wine and beverage management.
  • American Food Studies: Farm-to-Table Cooking

    Prepare for a greener future with this concentration. Do you admire the success of chefs like Thomas Keller and Jasper White? Do you believe there’s nothing like fresh, local foods to create the best dining experiences? Is your dream restaurant connected with local farms and artisanal producers in a network of healthy, socially conscious green practices?

    You can prepare for this greener future with the CIA’s Farm-To-Table concentration, which will introduce you to the philosophy, knowledge, and practices at the center of the Farm-To-Table movement. You’ll discover how restaurant concepts, menu creativity, and local sourcing come together to create successful, green restaurants. And you’ll learn it all under the guidance of legendary chef and practitioner Larry Forgione—creator of the original An American Place restaurant in New York City—with the aid of the Napa Valley’s famous guest chef/owners, farmers, and purveyors.

    In this concentration, you’ll spend a full semester at the CIA’s California campus studying farm-to-table principles in the heart of the Napa Valley. The program’s conservatory-like model will bring together masters (visiting star chefs, CIA faculty) and scholars (CIA students) in a dynamic learning environment. In this concentration, you will:

    • Benefit from special lectures via visits, video conferencing, and taped courses by some of the biggest names in the industry— including Dean Fearing, Thomas Keller, Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters, Jasper White, and more.
    • Plant and nurture crops in the Greystone gardens, and source ingredients from local farms, fields, and forests in this world-famous food and wine region.
    • Develop menus using the sourced ingredients, participating in tasting and cooking demos along the way.
    • Produce menu items for service to the public at a special dining event held each week on campus in The Conservatory Restaurant.
  • Asian Cuisine: An Edible Journey from Traditional to Contemporary

    Advance your skill set—and career options—with this exploration of the indigenous foods of the “Silk Road.” You’ll examine the confluence of cultures that occurred as early explorers plied the spice routes by sea. You’ll also learn basic techniques and gain the knowledge needed to produce authentic regional Asian dishes while developing responsible action toward the preservation of Asian culinary heritage.

    Asia is our largest continent, and its cuisine has played a huge role in enriching the entire culinary world, adding a wide variety of delicious, healthful flavors to the global menu. As you study this amazing array of Asian cuisines, you will embrace different ethnic and cultural points of view that will help develop strong economic and cultural models for the future. You’ll become the kind of leader and difference maker that food employers covet.

    • Spend a semester at the CIA’s exhilarating campus in Singapore, the gateway to Asia.
    • Study the foods of China, Korea, Japan, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and more.
    • Explore Asia’s many regional ingredients, preparation techniques, and iconic dishes.
    • Examine the history and global impact of Asian cuisine.
    • Travel throughout the region, meeting with farmers, chefs, and educators; visiting production facilitites and farms; and sampling local foods.
  • Intrapreneurship: Driving Innovation from Within an Organization

    Develop the skills you need to bring major creative foodservice proposals to life for a major corporation. Want to pitch, develop, and run a successful operation as part of your education experience? Now you can, with the new Intrapreneurship: Driving Innovation from Within an Organization concentration.

    No other college in the world gives you an opportunity quite like this. You’ll follow a defined set of operational standards and criteria, similar to developing and pitching a new concept within a corporate environment—and that’s what differentiates intrapreneurship from typical entrepreneurial business planning.

    This bachelor’s degree concentration will culminate in you and your classmates running a pop-up restaurant in the Student Commons dining facility at the CIA’s New York campus for an entire semester! The Intrapreneurship curriculum will give you the chance to:

    • Join a motivated group of students progressing through the program as a cohort.
    • Become immersed in the study of key concepts such as business plan development, financing, corporate ventures, and innovation as they relate to the intrapreneurial operations within a corporation or company.
    • Work in a smaller team developing and pitching an initial concept in the second semester, junior year. One of the concepts is then selected by a panel of industry professionals and faculty for the entire class to implement.
    • Get involved in the concept planning for the chosen project in the first semester of your senior year—another opportunity to forward your ideas related to development of menus and recipes, facility design, ordering and inventory management systems, and sanitation regulations to support the venture.
    • Bring it all together in the second half of your senior year in the pop-up restaurant, where you and your fellow students will implement the concept—including operations, hiring, costing, and service—for the campus community.
  • Latin Cuisine Studies: New World Flavors, Ingredients, and Techniques


    Expand your horizons with a Latin cuisines studies concentration. Fueled by consumer demand and demographic shifts, Latin cuisine is one of the hottest segments of the foodservice industry. Restaurant patrons are demanding both authentic and creative interpretations of the traditional foods of Latin America, and this demand is calling for chefs to be more knowledgeable than ever in these regionally diverse cuisines.

    The CIA Latin Cuisine Studies Concentration will give you a valuable culinary specialization. When you earn your bachelor’s degree with this concentration, you’ll enter the workforce more marketable than ever. You’ll be able to use your new skills and knowledge of Latin cuisine in diverse settings such as restaurants, cafés, hotels, private clubs, catering companies, and retail operations.

    • Spend a semester at the CIA’s exciting campus in San Antonio, TX.
    • Study the foods of Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Central America, the Caribbean, and more.
    • Become immersed in the unique ingredients, culinary techniques, and cultural traditions that span these rich regions.
    • Explore the nuances of flavor development and culinary expression.
    • Learn from expert faculty and visiting Latin cuisines instructors like award-winning chef Rick Bayless.