William Phillips, CIA Associate Professor—Culinary Arts

Faculty Bio: William Phillips ’88

Culinary Arts
Associate Professor—Culinary Arts
"Chefs who hire our graduates say that they are “ready to go to work.”"

What subjects do you currently teach?
Culinary arts, global cuisines, and the cuisines and cultures of the Americas.

How has serving on the faculty helped you develop professionally?
I have had opportunities to travel throughout the Americas, as well as much of the world, which greatly enhances my personal growth as well as my students’ learning experience.

What advice do you have for students?
Make sure you live your own life and not the life someone else wishes for you.

What makes the CIA and its students stand out?
Chefs who hire our graduates say that they are “ready to go to work.”

What do you want students to remember after they graduate?
It is OK if you change your path—this industry is growing with you.

What is your passion outside of your work at the college?
Reading. Hundreds and hundreds of books, with a focus on the Amazon, Africa, food politics, Western U.S. history, and the history of the Americas. I’m also an avid cyclist, with two coast-to-coast rides across America and Canada.

AOS with high honors, CIA, Hyde Park, NY; University of Idaho, Moscow, ID

Professional Background:
Chef, Red Sage Restaurant, Washington, DC. Chef Pâtissier, Chef de Cuisine, Maxime’s, Granite Springs, NY. Studied with Chef Daniel Jarlot at Auberge Castel de Tres Girad, Morey-Saint-Denis Gevery Chambertin, France. Sous Chef, Otter Bay Company, Spokane, WA. Roundsman, Gambino’s Italian Restaurant, Moscow, ID. Chef, Red Lantern Inn, Mount Kisco, NY; Biscuitroot Park, Moscow, ID. Prep Cook, Moreno’s Sea Swiper, Moscow, ID.

Valedictorian, Academic Achievement Award, CIA, 1988.


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