William Phillips, CIA Associate Professor—Culinary Arts

Faculty Bio: William Phillips ’88

Culinary Arts
Associate Professor—Culinary Arts

AOS with high honors, CIA, Hyde Park, NY; University of Idaho, Moscow, ID

Professional Background:
Chef, Red Sage Restaurant, Washington, DC. Chef Pâtissier, Chef de Cuisine, Maxime’s, Granite Springs, NY. Studied with Chef Daniel Jarlot at Auberge Castel de Tres Girad, Morey-Saint-Denis Gevery Chambertin, France. Sous Chef, Otter Bay Company, Spokane, WA. Roundsman, Gambino’s Italian Restaurant, Moscow, ID. Chef, Red Lantern Inn, Mount Kisco, NY; Biscuitroot Park, Moscow, ID. Prep Cook, Moreno’s Sea Swiper, Moscow, ID.

Valedictorian, Academic Achievement Award, CIA, 1988.

In Their Own Words:

Key Experience:
“My peers always told me I would make a great teacher. While working in the industry, I developed a love for the academic side of cooking lore.”

Proudest Accomplishment:
“There are two. Graduating class valedictorian with high honors and earning three stars from Bryan Miller of The New York Times at Maxime’s. This happened when executive chef/owner, Maxime Ribera was in Europe for over three weeks and left the kitchen and menu in my charge.”

Advice to students:
“If it doesn’t come naturally, leave it. You’re probably not meant to do it. Don’t spend your life working in a career that does not bring you complete joy. Make sure you live your own life and not the life someone else wishes for you.”

What attracted you to the CIA:
“As a student, I always thought that one day I would return to teach.”

What do you enjoy most about the CIA:
“The academic environment and the opportunity to fertilize young minds.”

Favorite classroom story:
“By being approachable and extremely current in my field.”

Favorite class:
“Advanced cooking in the American Bounty restaurant. I am able to be in touch with local farmers and products and create menus which reflect the currency of American cuisine. I also get to teach subjects that, on a personal level, greatly interest me. Native American history and biotechnology are just two of them.”

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