New York Fall Accepted Student FAQs

  • FAQs for New York Fall 2020 Accepted Students

    We understand that the current circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak can pose additional challenges to you and your family during a time already filled with so many questions and decisions to be made.

    Please know that the CIA admissions team is here to assist you. You can reach out to us via enrollment@culinary.edu or directly to the appropriate admissions counselor. You can find all of the admissions team’s individual contact information at this webpage.

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    These questions were last updated August 14.

    Next Steps/Deposit

  • The CIA’s $300 tuition deposit is due now.
    Congratulations and welcome to the CIA family! The first place you should visit is your student portal. It’s a one-stop shop for all required enrollment paperwork and tasks. If you were accepted more than a week ago and have not yet received an e-mail with your login information, please e-mail enrollment@culinary.edu.
    • Get excited! You’re about to start a new chapter in your life. Familiarize yourself with the accepted student portal, check your CIA e-mail, and follow us on social media!
    • Check out our on-demand Accepted Student Day Experience. Stream financial aid, student life, academic, and campus info into your own home. Watch now!
    • Get the inside scoop about the CIA from current and former students!
    There are several airports within two hours of the CIA. While Stewart is the closest to campus, many students choose to use NYC-area airports because they offer a larger array of flight options, often with fewer connections and at reduced costs. We’ve listed them here in order of proximity to campus:

    • Stewart International Airport is the closest airport. It is approximately 45 minutes from campus. Students need to take an Uber or taxi to get to campus; public transportation is not available.
    • Westchester County Airport is approximately one hour and 15 minutes from campus. Students would need to take an Uber or taxi to get to campus; public transportation is not available.
    • John F. Kennedy International Airport is located in the New York City area. Students can use the Jamaica AirTrain to get to New York Penn Station. From there, students can use Amtrak to get to the Poughkeepsie Train Station—only 3.5 miles from campus.
    • LaGuardia Airport is located in the New York City area. There is bus service from the airport to Grand Central Station. From there, students can use Metro-North Railroad to get to the Poughkeepsie Train Station—only 3.5 miles from campus.
    • Newark Liberty International Airport is located in New Jersey. There is train service to New York Penn Station. From there, students can use Amtrak to get to the Poughkeepsie Train Station—only 3.5 miles from campus.
    • Albany International Airport is located north of campus. Students can use the bus or train to travel from the airport to Albany-Rensselaer Amtrak Station. From there, students can use Amtrak to get to the Poughkeepsie Train Station—only 3.5 miles from campus.
    Unfortunately, the CIA is unable to provide transport from airports to campus. If you’re interested in coordinating with other traveling students, we encourage you to engage with your peers in the Admitted Student Facebook Group.

  • Visiting/Living On Campus

  • Due guidance from state and federal agencies, the CIA has made the difficult decision to cancel all on-campus events. We know you’re disappointed—so are we! But we’ve created an on-demand Accepted Student Day Experience. Stream financial aid, student life, academic, and campus info into your own home. Watch now!
    Take a peek at all of the different housing options and styles of residence halls you will have to choose from! And explore how some current students have decorated their rooms in these Instagram posts: Room Decorating Contest and Current Student Rooms.

    Fun fact: famous vlogging channel Hellthy Junk Food came to campus and filmed one of their videos! It includes some fun snapshots of campus!
    Students unaffected by the travel advisory will move in Friday, September 4 or Saturday, September 5. Your housing assignment notification (delivered to your CIA e-mail address) included directions on signing up for a move-in time. You’ll be able to select your date/time and, if your plans change, update your selection within 48 hours of your arrival.

    For students arriving by car, one family member will be allowed out of the car to assist with your personal belongings. CIA students and staff will assist you in transporting your belongings to your room. To better manage the risk to our campus community, only students will be allowed into the residence halls.
    At the CIA we have a variety of housing options for students. Most first-year students are assigned double rooms that measure 12 x 20 feet. A limited number of triple rooms will be available. All triple rooms include their own bathroom, which creates a “family group” under COVID-19 policy—limiting those students’ contact with others. While a small number of single rooms exist on campus, these are reserved for students with certain medical needs. The CIA also has a very small number of quad rooms that may be used, upon request by roommate groups.
    Yes. Whether it’s something you ship from your own home, Amazon, or anywhere else—all you need is your room number. Our mail room has limited storage space, so we ask that you plan the arrival of your packages as close as possible to your move-in date. Ship your packages to:

    The Culinary Institute of America
    [Your Name]
    PO Box NSS20 - Room #[Your Room Number]
    1946 Campus Drive
    Hyde Park, NY 12538-1499
    You need to register your car with this online form. Additional information about policies and parking areas is available in our Student Parking Guide (PDF).

  • COVID-19 and Physical Distancing Policies

  • Yes, the CIA will provide all students with masks and face shields, as needed. We will issue students two masks per day. Additional masks will be available for weekend use. There is no additional cost associated with these items.
    Yes, students can wear cloth masks, however, they cannot have any logos or insignias on them.
    We are implementing a sanitizing program using electrostatic sprayers. The sprayers work by charging the sanitizing liquid as it passes through the sprayer. This generates charged droplets that repel one another and actively adhere to surfaces. The resulting sanitizing mist fully coats all surfaces—top, sides, and bottom. This technology is being used at other local colleges.

    In addition to the normal cleaning work—the dormitory lounges, kitchens, corridors, lobbies, stairwells, elevators, doors, waste receptacles, handrails, and common bathrooms will be sprayed down with the electrolyzed sprayers twice a day. This will be done seven days a week.

    Common restrooms (including Hudson Hall, academic buildings, library, and Student Commons) will also be wiped down every two hours with sanitizing wipes.
    The CIA has made the difficult decision to suspend all fall sports. This includes volleyball, cross country, and soccer. A final decision has not yet been reached regarding basketball.
    The CIA has long recognized the importance of in-person, hands-on coursework. And our faculty and staff remain committed to providing you with the same exceptional educational experiences—and small class sizes—that have made us the world’s premier culinary college. At least 50% of your first-semester coursework will be delivered in-person, including all laboratory classes. In order to decrease population density, some courses will be delivered online. We believe that this blended approach provides for the best possible outcomes—for both the education and health—of our campus community.

  • New York State Travel Advisory

  • New York State’s travel advisory is based on state test positivity rates over the past seven days which, we hope, will decrease in the coming weeks. However, should quarantine measures remain in place for your home state, this advisory requires affected travelers to stay in a less affected state for 14 days prior to entering New York or to quarantine within New York upon entry.
    No. The guidelines state, “The requirements of the travel advisory do not apply to any individual passing through designated states for a limited duration (i.e., less than 24 hours) through the course of travel. Examples of such brief passage include but are not limited to: stopping at rest stops for vehicles, buses, and/or trains; or lay-overs for air travel, bus travel, or train travel.”
    No, the CIA is not requiring you to quarantine on campus. You can satisfy the New York State requirement by staying with a family member or friend in New York or a less affected state for 14 days prior to arriving at the CIA. However, the CIA would like to know about your plans and ask that you complete our self-quarantine form.

    Please note that you need to spend a minimum of 14 days within the less affected state before arriving in New York. We encourage you to research the travel advisories of other states before finalizing your plans. For example, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York share the same state restrictions and require arriving persons to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. We encourage you to follow the guidance of local and state agencies to keep yourself, your family, and your future CIA community safe from further spread.
    The CIA will open space in our residence halls for students unable to quarantine elsewhere or preferring to quarantine on campus. You would need to move-in August 21. The fee for staying on campus will be $86/day, including prepared meal delivery. Please fill out this form to register for housing during this period. Please note that if your state is removed from the New York state list, you will be able to cancel your reservation.
    No. There is no provision for self-isolation within an affected state. To meet the New York State requirement, you must quarantine for 14 days either within New York or an unrestricted state.
    Yes. New York State requires all travelers from the designated states to complete a Traveler Health Form upon entering New York. If you’re traveling by plane, you may be provided a form upon entry.
    If you are spending less than 24-hours in New York State, you do not need to complete any paperwork. If plan to remain in New York State for longer than 24-hours, we recommend that you complete the state’s Traveler Health Form. Please note that all airline passengers are being asked to complete this form upon arrival.
    If you’ve spent the prior 14 days in an unrestricted state (a state not on this list), you do not need to complete the state’s Traveler Health Form. The CIA, however, asks you to complete our self-quarantine form so we have record of your plans.
    Due to limited housing availability, it is possible that you will have a roommate during your quarantine period. If both you and your semester roommate have registered to quarantine on-campus, it is likely that you will be housed together for the 14-day period. Once you receive your housing assignment (delivered to your CIA e-mail), we encourage you to contact your roommate to compare travel plans.
    Maybe. The CIA is making every effort to ensure the 14-day quarantine period is both safe and convenient. If possible, we will house you in your permanent room—but this is not guaranteed.
    Yes, Health Services will perform daily health screens, including temperature checks. They will also administer a COVID-19 test four days after your arrival on campus. Per New York State order, you will be required to remain in quarantine regardless of the outcome of this test.
    Students will be provided single rooms with private bathrooms, and be asked to adhere to the state’s requirements for quarantine as issued by the NYS Department of Health. The CIA will be providing three meals per day to the student’s room. Being mindful of the need to balance our students’ health, wellness, and safety during this process—while achieving the objectives of the state—we will be providing virtual activities during this period and encourage students to bring activities/hobbies to help fill their time during these two weeks. We hope to provide students opportunities to get fresh air based on evolving guidance from the state. If a student must leave his or her room (for reasons such as a fire alarm, or for health reasons), the wearing of a face mask is required and social distancing protocols must be maintained.
    The total cost for the 14-day quarantine is $1,204 ($86/day). This will be added to your fall tuition bill.
    If a student’s state is added to the list of states included in New York State’s Travel Advisory less than 14 days before starting class, the CIA will promptly contact the students affected. The most likely scenario is that we will recommend that the student arrive at the CIA as soon as possible. We will then work with the student to determine appropriate testing protocol and also arrange the student’s class schedule based on that information. Of course, this is an ever-changing situation and the CIA will do its best to work with families and students as the situation evolves. If you have any questions, you can always reach us at enrollment@culinary.edu.
    Yes. If you were scheduled to quarantine on campus and do not want to change your travel plans, the CIA can still accommodate you in our residence halls. Please make sure you communicate your decision—either way—to our team at enrollment@culinary.edu.

  • Green and Gold Orientation

  • The CIA has decided to move its on-campus orientation (normally held in June and July) to just prior to your entry date. Students will move-in Friday, September 4 or Saturday, September 5 for a fun-filled weekend prior to beginning classes.
    Join our facebook group exclusively for accepted students. And check your e-mail for additional opportunities to meet and chat with your future classmates.
    Green and Gold Orientation is an exciting series of events designed to help you get to know your classmates, learn your way around the campus, and feel more at home at the CIA. We’re busy planning—additional info will be posted here!
    Due to the challenges many students and families are facing, the CIA has decided not to charge a fee for this year’s orientation activities. Anyone who had previously registered and paid for June or July sessions, will automatically be refunded their deposit by June 30.
    The CIA is hosting a variety of virtual sessions just for parents! Check out our calendar of events. To better manage campus health and safety, the CIA has decided not to host any in-person events for parents during Green and Gold Live. Our staff will continue to connect with you virtually.

  • Academics

  • The CIA will register you for classes and create your first-semester schedule for you! No need to worry about trying to squeeze into classes or schedule your first semester all by yourself. Once you begin classes, you will have an academic advisor that will help you plan your future semesters.

  • Finances

  • Maximize your financial aid award package. Your enrollment manager and student financial planner will help you learn about your options and understand the process! Check your student portal and CIA e-mail regularly for updates!

    Here is personalized information for New York Campus.

    There are lots of additional resources on your portal regarding:

    The CIA provides numerous scholarship opportunities. Starting in June you will need to complete a General Application at CIA $hef, our internal scholarship website ONLY for CIA students! New scholarships are added every few weeks and you’ll be notified at your CIA e-mail address when they match your profile.
    We're here to answer any questions you have about your balance or these options. E-mail us at enrollment@culinary.edu or call 845-905-4918.

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