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  • Health Services at the CIA

    We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Student Health Services at The Culinary Institute of America. Student Health Services staff strive to serve the student both physically and emotionally, as well as to teach and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

    Mandatory Medical Requirements for Freshmen
    Every student is required to submit a complete physical examination on the mandatory CIA Physical Examination Form, with required immunizations, 30 days prior to Arrival Day at The Culinary Institute of America.

    The mandatory physical exam must be done within one year, signed by a Health Care Provider that includes; vaccination documentation, a copy of your health insurance card, and all required papers completed.

    You will not be permitted in class unless the complete mandatory CIA Physical Examination Form and required documentation is submitted.

    Student Health Services is located in the lower mezzanine of Roth Hall. The services of Registered Nurses and a Physician Assistant are available to you. There is a fee for the Physician Assistant’s consultation. If you have insurance that covers prescriptions, you can set up an account with our contract pharmacy who can deliver medications to the Health office. Over-the-counter medications are available at no cost to the student.

    Nurse Assistance Line:
    The nurse assistance line provides nursing triage services through an “around the clock” medical call center when the Student Health Office is closed. Students can call 845-451-1261 and a Registered Nurse will answer questions and professionally advise. If you need an ambulance, call the Safety Office at ext. 1111.

    Medical Information/Referrals:
    With the exception of coverage provided by accident insurance, the cost of non-routine treatment, off-campus doctor visits, prescription medications, and vaccines will be the student’s responsibility. In the event that a student requires the services of a primary health care provider, specialist, dentist, eye doctor, etc; Student Health Services staff can provide referral information.

    Health Insurance:
    The CIA does not provide medical health insurance. Students coming from out-of- state can get insurance and information from their “state of permanent residence” Health Insurance Exchange. For NYS permanent residents more information on health insurance can be found here. The college carries secondary student accident insurance for each student, which will provide coverage for accidents only.

    Immunization Requirements:
    New York State Public Health Law Section 2165 and The Culinary Institute of America require proof of two MMR vaccines given on or after your first birthday. If these requirements are not met, you will need to be re-immunized. The CIA requires vaccination against Hepatitis A. Vaccination against Hepatitis B and Meningitis is recommended but not required.

    Students have a right to anticipate that their relationship with the professionals in Student Health Services will be one of complete confidence. All information and records pertaining to any aspect of a student's health are strictly confidential. Except in emergencies, information concerning the nature of illness or injury, diagnosis and treatment plan will only be provided to legally responsible parents/guardians or designated individuals with the direct knowledge and signed consent of the student.

    You may also contact us at ciahealthservices@culinary.edu. This e-mail address is only monitored twice per day during regular business hours when classes are in session. This e-mail is to be used only for scanned medical documentation. Please direct all issues and questions for the Student Health Services Department to the Hyde Park, NY campus at 845-451-1261.

    Student Health Services is open Monday through Friday 7a.m. to 9 p.m. when school is in session. Students are seen on a walk-in or appointment basis: 845-451-1261 for appointments.

    Emergencies and walk-ins are triaged promptly and seen in order of severity.

    Routine visits are free such as: assessment and treatment of illness and minor injuries, managing health and wellness, allergy injections, over-the-counter medications to name a few.

    Required vaccines and a variety of health screenings and treatments are available for a nominal fee at the Student Health Services clinic.

    Monthly Education and Wellness programs and screenings are free.

    Community Resources:
    Parents/students may set up an account at Molloy Pharmacy or CVS to receive prescriptions and cover medication/co-pay costs for medications that can be delivered to campus.

    • Molloy Medical Arts Pharmacy, 845-471-7455; Fax: 845-473-6337.
    • CVS Pharmacy, 845-229-8881; Fax: 845-229-8948.
    • Urgent Care: Open days, some evenings, closed some holidays.
    • Emergency One: 4250 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park, NY 12538. Phone: 845-229-2602.
    • Caremount Medical Group Urgent Care: 43 Pine Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. Phone: 845-231-5600.

    Hospitals: Open 24 hours/day, 356 days/year.

    • Vassar Brothers Medical Center: 45 Reade Place, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. Phone: 845-454-8500.
    • Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital of Westchester Medical Center: 241 North Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. Phone: 845-483-5000.

    Encourage your student to seek medical advice when they are ill/injured. Why not send them a “Get well soon” care package with tea, chicken soup and crackers, etc.?

    Remind your student how important good sleep habits are especially while away at college.

    Address signs of stress and/or anxiety early. Check out our Counseling and Psychological Services.

    Ask your student how they are eating and enjoying the many choices they have for dining.

    Be well!