Prepare for Your Career in Food

    Want a career in the food world? About to graduate high school, or already have your diploma? You'll need a college degree to launch your career! Plan your next steps. See how your career goals align with the degree programs available at The Culinary Institute of America.

    What to Do After High School

    Enroll in a bachelor's degree program, selecting the major and/or study concentration that fits your goals, or in an associate degree program in either culinary arts or baking and pastry arts.

    Bachelor’s Degrees

    Bachelor’s degree programs are offered at the New York campus only. Students who obtained their associate degree at the California or Texas campus can easily transfer their credits to the New York campus to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

  • Bachelor’s in Food Business Management

    Let everyone else “follow or get out of the way.” With this bachelor’s degree, you will be the one doing the leading, with the ability to:

    • Guide your own kitchen team, or a hotel/resort staff
    • Manage the operations of a restaurant or run a catering company

    Students pursuing a management bachelor’s degree have the option to focus their education with concentrations on key industry topics including:

    Bachelor’s in Culinary Science

    Become a big-time “food techie” with this program. You’ll enter the industry with the advanced technical and scientific knowledge to:

    • Create innovative recipes or new products for any segment of the food business
    • Join a research and development team
    Bachelor’s in Applied Food Studies

    Gain expertise in food policy, local and global issues, and food systems with this program. You’ll leave with the communications skills and confidence to:

    • Influence food policy on a global level
    • Impact sustainability issues in your community and make a difference in the world

    Students pursuing an applied food studies bachelor’s degree have the option to focus their education with concentrations on key industry topics including:

  • Associate Degrees

    Find out about associate degrees offered at the New York, California, and Texas campuses:

  • Associate Degree in Culinary Arts

    Gain the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to accomplish great things in the culinary arena. With this degree in hand, you can:

    • Prepare amazing meals in a professional kitchen
    • Design recipes and menus with your own creative dishes
    • Gain the expertise that makes you the “go to” chef in any kitchen

    The associate degree in Culinary Arts is available at these locations:

    Associate Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts

    Let your creativity shine with the techniques and skills you’ll get from this inspired program. Once you graduate, you’ll be ready to:

    • Create chocolates, confections, pastries, and plated desserts that delight customers
    • Apply your artistic skills in any fast-paced environment
    • Run a successful bakery café operation

    The associate degree in Baking and Pastry Arts is available at these locations: