High School Juniors

  • Love Food? Make it Your Life!

    You love everything about food—growing it, cooking it, sharing it, blogging about it—or you wouldn’t be here, reading this. But did you know that food can be your life? It totally can! So as you look at colleges during your junior year of high school, know that the CIA will prepare you for all of the amazing, diverse, rewarding career possibilities in food and hospitality.

    Learn hands-on at the CIA

    Learn by doing

    If you’re like the typical CIA student (and we suspect you are), you enjoy learning by doing, by trying new things and seeing how they work in the real world. That’s exactly what a CIA education is like. You’ll learn hands-on in our kitchens, bakeshops, restaurants, internships, and travel experiences; harvest ingredients from our gardens; study academic subjects as they apply to food, and so much more.

    Learn about amazing food careers

    Discover what you want to be

    You know that feeling you get when you put your own cool twist on a dish, add just the right touch to an elegant cake, or pull off a big family event? There’s nothing like it, right? Now imagine doing that for a living. That’s what food and hospitality careers are like for people like us. If you’re not sure what all the career options are, start by checking out what CIA graduates are doing.

    Know that you're supported by faculty and staff

    Have a great time

    So what’s it like on campus? Fun! CIA students enjoy activities like cook-off competitions, dance parties, hiking, open mic night, intercollegiate sports, off-campus day trips, and clubs for every interest, from tea and tabletop gaming to culinary science and community service. Plus, everyone here shares your passion for food, so you’ll fit right in.

    Take the next step

    If this sounds like the college and the life you want, then find out more about the CIA and careers in food and hospitality.

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  • Two Ways to Try CIA

    Find out what it’s really like to be a CIA student! Experience life on our incredible New York college campus during one of these summer programs:

    Journey for Juniors
    Journey for Juniors

    A two-day CIA sneak peek just for high school juniors

    CIA Culinary Academy

    A six-day culinary camp for high school students

  • What’s Hospitality?

    Have you ever been on a cruise? Stayed in a beautiful hotel? Then you know the warmth, welcome, and total guest experience that is hospitality. Earn a CIA degree in hospitality management for an exciting career in resorts, wedding venues, sports stadiums, restaurants, and luxury tourist destinations.

  • Did You Know? The CIA Offers an Accelerated Degree Option for Students with Professional Kitchen Experience.
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