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Successful Students are Involved Students

Author: By James H. Manley, Jr., PhD, Associate Dean—Campus Life & Student Development

Attending the CIA will surely provide students with the skills and experience to be successful in their chosen career path. But is it enough? The knowledge they gain in the kitchens, bakeshops, and classrooms is only part of what they will need to make their mark in the industry.

To reach their full potential during and after their time at the CIA, it's vital that students find other ways to get involved on campus as well. They can join a club, attend programs and events, take trips, work on campus, write for the college newspaper, or compete in intramural or intercollegiate athletics. A student can even take on a leadership role such as RA, orientation leader, Student Government Association member, or club officer. Any such involvement gives students the extra edge that employers are looking for.

Plus, getting involved often opens doors to opportunities that may otherwise have never happened, like:

  • The first-year student who helped out with the Welcome Team, which led to an invitation to attend the CIA Leadership Awards in New York City and meet an impressive "who's who" of leaders in the food industry.
  • The student who wrote an article for the campus newspaper and ended up being offered a position in the marketing department of Blue Apron (she has since been promoted to editor-in chief!).
  • The student who volunteered to plan and prepare brunch for a group of visiting French students and turned those connections into an externship in the south of France.

Even beyond the clear career and education benefits, getting involved also helps students feel more connected to the CIA campus. This connection enriches the overall experience, allowing them to enjoy their time at the college to the fullest. So, encourage your student to explore the many ways to get immersed in the CIA community.


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