New Restaurant Opens on Hyde Park Campus—But Don’t Wait

Pangea restaurant The CIA Restaurant Group has a new addition to its slate of restaurants at the Hyde Park campus. Pangea, a pop-up themed restaurant, will have a limited run through June.

Pangea showcases a menu that features an array of inspired dishes that both celebrate and bring together diverse cultural flavors and influences from around the world. As the world’s population continues to grow, straining earth’s resources, the need for conscious dining is increasingly important. Pangea provides a platform for conversations about how we produce and harvest the food we eat and the effect these actions have on the health of our planet and ourselves.

“Pangea exposes our students to some of the leading trends in the restaurant world,” says Waldy Malouf '75, senior director of food and beverage operations. "First and foremost it is a plant-and grain-focused cuisine that emphasizes the flavors and culinary possibilities of cooking with less animal proteins and more vegetal elements. This allows us to develop new delicious dishes that also have a positive nutritional value. Secondly, students are introduced to the logistics and excitement of developing a pop-up restaurant."

Pangea's seasonal offerings include two pre-selected menus. One menu contains meat and seafood as protein components and the other is entirely based on vegetables and legumes as a source of protein. During each course, one dish is served family-style in its cooking vessel, and another is individually plated for each guest. Dinner patrons enjoy five courses—a total of 10 dishes—for $29. Lunch, which begins February 17, includes four courses—a total of 8 dishes—for $19. Pangea is open Monday through Friday in the J. Willard Marriott Education Center. Reservations can be made at

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