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National Geographic to Feature CIA

National Geographic to Feature CIAA photojournalist from National Geographic magazine was on the Hyde Park campus for two days earlier this summer. The photos he took will help tell the story of how future chefs learn about taste. It is part of a long-form article the magazine's editors are putting together regarding the science of taste.

The photographer, Brian Finke, visited the Wine Spectator Classroom to observe students learning how to taste wine (and describe what they are experiencing) and followed a Wines class during a dinner featuring wine and food pairings at Ristorante Caterina de’ Medici. He also spent several hours in the Culinary Science Lab with Associate Dean of Culinary Science Ted Russin, Associate Dean of Food Production Bruce Mattel, and Culinary Science majors who were working on an experiment extracting the flavor essences from cheese.

In addition to the stop at the CIA, the journalists working on this article traveled as far as Australia and northern Europe to take photos and gather information about taste.

The article is expected to be published in National Geographic some time next year. The magazine has a circulation of more than 3.5 million, but the total readership number is much higher, as issues of the magazine are often retained as keepsakes and displayed in homes and offices for coffee-table reading.

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