The New York Times & CBS Feature New Art Installation at CIA

"Gastrotypographicalassemblage" is a 33-foot-wide, eight-foot-tall, three-dimensional mural that hung in the CBS cafeteria from the 1960s through 1980s, where only the company’s employees could appreciate it. Lou's WallAfter being saved from the trash heap in 1989, the piece had no home—until now. The 1,650 individual letters spelling out culinary expressions and 65 food-related objects that make up this unique artwork are now on display in the new Marriott Pavilion on the CIA's Hyde Park campus.

The work was the brainchild of legendary CBS Art Director Lou Dorfsman, and is affectionately known as "Lou's Wall." The twists and turns of how Lou's Wall found its way to the CIA to be put on public display for the first time ever has been the subject of feature stories by CBS This Morning and The New York Times, where “Building Blocks” columnist David W. Dunlop called it "the perfect backdrop for commencement snapshots." 

Commencement ceremonies, industry leadership conferences, lectures by luminaries of the food world, and other special events are held in the Marriott Pavilion, which opened in March and was dedicated on May 1.

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