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    The CIA’s students, faculty, staff, academic programs, athletic teams, and extracurricular activities are often highlighted in media throughout the country and around the world. Here is a sampling of some of the coverage of the college and its people.

  • November 2019

    When the website How Stuff Works wanted to know why certain foods are eaten at breakfast time, they contacted CIA Professor Beth Forrest, an expert on the topic of food in American culture.
    As the CIA dedicates a permanent memorial on the New York campus to Anthony Bourdain, President Dr. Tim Ryan is interviewed by Delish about Bourdain's life, career, and legacy.

    October 2019

    The San Francisco Bay Area's public radio station reports on Conversations at Copia, the CIA's live-talk series that brings together pioneers within the world of food to share their stories of positive change.
    Jesse Szewczyk '14 is a writer, food stylist, and recipe developer. In a column he wrote for Kitchn, Szewczyk shares the nine most important lessons he learned as a CIA student.

    August 2019

    Olive Oil Times reports on the white paper presented by CIA Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Industry Leadership Greg Drescher, asserting the importance of plant-forward diets and olive oil's role in them.
    Hudson Valley magazine reports on how a student-curated library exhibit and a unique dinner at the CIA's American Bounty Restaurant provide a glimpse into the culinary history of New York State.
    The San Francisco Chronicle looks back at 2004, a transformative year for California wines. CIA Professor Christie Dufault is part of an expert panel tasting and discussing wines from the same year that "Sideways" hit the big screen.
    No matter how bad the weather, one chef from Philadelphia's Fork restaurant attends every CIA Career Fair to recruit for his restaurant, creating a "cook pipeline" from Hyde Park to Philly.
    When The Atlantic magazine wanted to know "Why Americans Just Can't Quit Their Microwaves," they asked Chef Bruce Mattel, senior associate dean at the CIA, for some answers.

    June 2019

    Air Force cooks from U.S. bases around the world came to The Culinary Institute of America's San Antonio campus for a customized Techniques of Healthy Cooking Course.
    Starbucks has created a new “pairings” line of at-home breakfast coffee blends, developed in collaboration with CIA faculty.
    The New York Times reports on a new scholarship for CIA students honoring the legacy of Anthony Bourdain '78.

    May 2019

    Seeking expert insight regarding Chinese food culture, CGTN turned to Dr. Willa Zhen, professor of liberal arts at The Culinary Institute of America and a renowned culinary anthropologist.
    The Culinary Institute of America, in partnership with QSR magazine, unveils the first Plant-Forward Fast Casual Watch List—recognizing fast-casual brands bringing plant-forward dining into the mainstream.

    April 2019

    Thrillist interviews CIA Chef Bill Phillips for story about why some people just can’t eat spicy foods.

    February 2019

    Savor, the new student-staffed restaurant at the CIA San Antonio, gets raves from reviewer Patricia Sharpe in Texas Monthly.
    The student-staffed bakery café at The Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio is back for its annual winter/spring opening.

    January 2019

    The biggest issues and trends in the restaurant industry, according to one of the most influential people in food: Dr. Tim Ryan, president of The Culinary Institute of America.
    The newspaper's travel reporter visited the Napa Valley for 36 hours, including a stop at the CIA at Copia, which is referred to as a "foodie wonderland."
    The CIA bachelor's degree programs are where food policy, food styling, and culinary technique meet to create a new breed of culinary grads.
    CIA Special Events Chef Andrew Wild is honored for his work feeding first responders and evacuees from Northern California wildfires over the past several years.

    December 2018

    Column in the Poughkeepsie Journal by Dr. Michael Sperling, CIA vice president of academic affairs, and Major Brian Babcock-Lumish, former USMA professor, describes what the exchange program between the two colleges teaches the students, and what we can learn as well.
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