Early Sunday morning, a wildfire (codenamed Glass) started burning near St. Helena. The California leadership team and senior leaders in Hyde Park including President Ryan monitored conditions throughout the day and prepared for a possible evacuation of campus. Late Sunday night, we evacuated 119 students from the residence halls. Most students were able to connect with family or friends for overnight accommodations; 18 students were provided lodging arranged by the CIA through the county. The California team was in continuous contact with CIA leadership throughout, and due to their efforts, the evacuation went smoothly with all students safe and accounted for. Students remained calm and in good spirits despite the situation. They have been real troopers.

While the fire came too close for comfort, Greystone and our residence halls on campus and on Pratt Avenue were untouched.

Currently the Greystone campus is without power as damage is assessed and fires continue to be active in the area. All members of the campus community have been asked to work remotely. We are using The CIA at Copia as a base camp for our operations, and many students will be spending time there today. We will continue to update students, faculty, and staff, by e-mail as needed. Parents, please urge your student to share these notifications, so you have the latest information.

Culinary News from The Culinary Institute of America

CIA Inspires with New “Cooking with Lentils” Video Series

Lentil Pasta Puttanesca
Lentil and Bulgur Pilaf

Napa, CA – Chefs across any dining segment will find inspiration in a new series of video demonstrations from The Culinary Institute of America. Presented by Lentils.org and featuring CIA Chef-Instructor Rebecca Peizer, the free online learning program Cooking with Lentils is available now at CIAprochef.com/lentils.

The companion to the video series, OnPulse magazine, is a fresh, contemporary resource that helps foodservice operators discover and leverage the advantages of pulses (lentils, chickpeas, dry field peas, and dry beans), a rapidly developing ingredient category. Inspirational and business-focused, OnPulse covers on-point topics like driving traffic with menu excitement; expanding day and menu parts; increasing menu transparency; supporting sustainability, wellness, and food ethics; and implementing tactics for lowering food costs. The magazine will be available starting May 1, 2017 at CIAprochef.com/lentils.

For the video series, Chef Peizer developed recipes to inspire others to think creatively when cooking with lentils. “It was fun to explore such a wide array of applications with lentils,” she says. “From using lentil purée to swap out some of the saturated fat in brownies to using lentil flour to make pasta puttanesca, I find lentils to be incredibly versatile and perfect for adding a healthful twist to many recipes.”

The original recipes featured in the series—all downloadable and demonstrated in streaming video—include:

From lentil varieties and the difference between whole and split lentils, to how to use a large batch of lentils in a menu plan-over, to making the most of lentil flour and purée, Cooking with Lentils covers the fundamental knowledge needed to successfully utilize lentils in any operation.

The video series was produced by the CIA’s Digital Media team, which has won two James Beard Awards for Best Webcast. View the series at CIAprochef.com/lentils.

Photo Captions and Hi-Res Images:

Photo 1: Burmese Tea Leaf and Popped Lentil Salad. (Photo credit: CIA/John Barkley)
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Photo 2: Lentil Pasta Puttanesca. (Photo credit: CIA/John Barkley)
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Photo 3: Lentil and Bulgur Pilaf. (Photo credit: CIA/John Barkley)
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