Justin Ward, CIA Lecturing Instructor—Culinary Arts

Faculty Bio: Justin Ward ’88

Culinary Arts
Assistant Professor—Culinary Arts
Certification Credentials: CEC, CHE
“The CIA has many more out-of-classroom opportunities for students than any other culinary or traditional college.”

What is your role at the CIA?
In addition teaching CIA students, I am currently directing and running a skill enhancement program for culinary managers for the SAISD. The program is a partnership between the college and the San Antonio Independent School District designed to elevate school meals.

What’s one thing that makes the CIA stand out?
The CIA has many more out-of-classroom opportunities for students than any other culinary or traditional college.

What do you like best about the CIA’s Texas campus?
Faculty, staff, and students develop friendships that are not always possible in larger campus environments. We also have a very unique campus, being located in the amazing Pearl district.

How does your work prepare CIA students for success?
I bridge the gap between a classroom environment and the “real world” as much as possible so the students can more easily, quickly, and confidently adapt to their first post-graduation job. I encourage travel and to keep an open mind as to all of the opportunities this field has to offer.

Do you blog or use social media?
I blog when I travel. I use social media to tell (funny, yet educational) stories or snippets of my travels and food experiences. I love technology. I am still amazed that it’s possible to run a full-on production company with your iPhone.

BS, The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Atlanta. AOS, CIA, Hyde Park, NY.

Professional Experience:
Chef-Instructor, The Art Institute of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA. Chef/Owner, Hungry Monkey Catering, Atlanta; Harvest Restaurant, Atlanta; Cosecha Restaurant, Decatur, GA. Marketing Associate, Sysco Food Services, Atlanta. Chef, LeGiverny Bistro, Atlanta. Chef Tournant, Brasserie Le Coze, Atlanta. Executive Chef, Chefs’ Café, Chefs’ Grill, Ocean Club, Atlanta.

Bronze Medals, ACF competitions, 2010, 2008, 2007. Silver Medal, ACF-sanctioned Signature Dish Seafood Competition, 2009; ACF Buckhead Beef Mystery Box Competition, 2008; ACF Signature Pork Competition, 2008; ACF Signature Dish Beef Competition, 2008; U.S. Chef’s Open, 1992; Georgia Seafood Challenge, 1989. National Grand Prize Winner, Ocean Spray Ultimate Cranberry Recipe Contest, 2008; Sutter Home Build a Better Burger Contest, 2003. Gold Medal, ACF Signature Dish Seafood Competition, 2005; ACF signature Dish Chicken Competition, 2005; ACF Sanctioned Signature Dish Beef Competition, 1992. Grand Prize Winner, National Prosciutto di Parma Contest, 2002.


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