• The best colleges have experienced, working instructors. Read CIA's list of about what faculty should look like at a culinary school.
  • College Faculty

    Learn from Our Experienced and Diverse Faculty and Chefs

    Find out if the faculty includes master chefs or master bakers.

    • Learn from true masters of the profession. The CIA is proud to have among its faculty and leadership team Master Chefs certified by the American Culinary Federation (ACF)—the largest and most influential organization of professional chefs—as well as European Master Chefs, a Chinese Master Chef, Certified Master Bakers, and a Master Sommelier.

    Make sure the faculty includes certified hospitality educators.

    • Our chefs and professors are not only experts in their fields, they’re trained as Certified Hospitality Educators by the Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Motel Association. Have no worries that you’ll get the most from your kitchen and classroom experiences learning from them.

    Look for diverse faculty that represents a variety of cultures and culinary experiences.

    • Learning from professors who have firsthand knowledge of a wide array of global cuisines only enriches the CIA experience. From the kitchens, bakeshops, and dining rooms of famed establishments in New York City, San Francisco, London, Sydney, Geneva, Bombay, Milan, Beijing, and beyond, CIA’s renowned faculty includes distinguished PhD professors, Culinary Olympians, authors, registered dietitians, business leaders, and academic subject matter experts.

    Make sure the school’s “celebrity chefs” actually teach.

    • Enough said. Our famous faculty aren’t just faces on TV. At the CIA, you’ll learn from the very people you see in our publications and on our website. This also goes for visiting celebrity chefs and other industry professionals who regularly come to campus to give culinary demonstrations and share their experiences.

    Compare student/faculty ratios to find programs that provide individual mentoring.

    • At many colleges, class sizes that are too large often mean less focus on each student. At the CIA, you’re not just a face in the crowd. On average, you’ll study alongside 18 to 24 classmates per class. This ensures that each instructor gets an opportunity to know you personally, discover your personal career goals, and provide valuable mentoring.