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    What’s Happening on Campus?

    Culinary campuses shouldn’t just be classrooms and kitchens.

    • At the CIA, you’ll find diverse campuses packed with clubs, student organizations, restaurants, and special events that engage the entire community. The main campus of the CIA in Hyde Park, NY offers the complete package, including more than 170 acres of educational and recreational facilities, four restaurants where you’ll eat and work, and numerous sports, student events, and other fun activities.
    • The CIA California campus at “Greystone," also known as our “culinary think tank,” is set in the heart of the Napa Valley. It is one of the world’s most inspiring places for culinary education, particularly if you’re interested in wine culture. Here you’ll find numerous professional conferences, research projects, and academic programs all tailored to take advantage of this unique location.
    • Our branch campus of the CIA in Texas is another vibrant learning environment. Located along the San Antonio River, it is home to a unique blend of future chefs, food lovers, and established culinary leaders. It is also part of the historic Pearl neighborhood, which features retail and dining establishments, a riverside amphitheater, and several other attractions.

    Campus facilities must be built around fostering dynamic student life.

    • The CIA’s offers affordable, comfortable, and convenient housing options at our New York and California campuses that are located near recreational areas. At the Hyde Park campus, for example, housing is near the Student Commons, whose Recreation Center features a gymnasium, game room, tennis courts, fitness rooms, an aerobics studio, swimming pool, saunas, and more. And right next to the Rec Center is The Egg, the prime student hangout on campus.

    Campuses near major cities offer vital cultural experiences and industry connections.

    • The key to successful learning experiences outside the classroom is often about location, location, location! Our three CIA campuses in the U.S. are just a short drive away from New York City, San Francisco, San Antonio, and Austin, giving you several opportunities to explore these major cities and further your education by visiting top restaurants, theaters, museums, sports teams, and other attractions. While you’re there, start building your professional network or “stage” for leading chefs in their signature restaurants.