• CIA Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program (ACAP)

  • Broaden Your Career Options!

    Do you already have a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, food science, nutrition, or a related field? Then our Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program (ACAP) is designed specifically for you. In just 30 weeks, you can acquire the knowledge and skills to grow the “food” side of your career.

    If you possess a bachelor's degree in communications, photography, marketing, or media, you may also qualify for this program by including a Statement of Purpose along with your ACAP application describing your interest in and purpose for advancing your culinary knowledge.

    In CIA's Accelerated Culinary Arts Certificate Program in California, you will:

    • Enjoy extraordinary educational and networking opportunities working alongside world-renowned chefs.
    • Learn about ingredients and professional equipment.
    • Build knife skills and practice fundamental cooking techniques.
    • Gain hands-on experience as you prepare cuisines of the Americas, Asia, and the Mediterranean.
    • Study flavor strategies and healthy cooking methods.
    • Explore baking and pastry principles and production techniques.

    CIA scholarships up to $6,500 are available for those who qualify.

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    This program is designed for individuals who possess an approved bachelor's degree in hospitality management, restaurant management, food science, or nutrition/dietetics. The CIA may consider other majors in the fields of marketing, public relations, or related fields, and have a serious interest in advancing their culinary knowledge.



    Culinary Fundamentals*
    6 credits
    Ingredients and Techniques of Fabrication
    3 credits
    Introduction to À la Carte Cooking
    3 credits
    Contemporary Topics in Culinary Arts
    3 credits
    Total Credits: 15


    Cuisines and Cultures of Asia
    3 credits
    Cuisines and Cultures of the Mediterranean
    3 credits
    Baking and Pastry Skill Development
    3 credits
    Cuisines and Cultures of the Americas
    3 credits
    Garde Manger
    3 credits
    Culinary Practical Examination I
    Total Credits: 15



    The CIA is very committed to making your CIA education as affordable as possible. Our costs are comparable to similar colleges, and here's even better news—approximately 90% of our students receive some form of financial aid.

    Don't let applying for financial assistance keep you from going to the world's premier culinary college. No matter what your individual circumstances are, we will work with you to help make attending the CIA an affordable investment in your future in the world of food.


    Design a Career That's Just Right for You

    When you combine your bachelor's degree with the skills you'll learn in the ACAP, your career options will instantly multiply. Take a look at just a few of the positions in which CIA ACAP alumni are working:

    • Country club sous chef
    • Culinary concept specialist
    • Demonstration chef
    • Dietitian
    • Director of culinary innovation
    • Educator
    • Food science/lab technician
    • Food technologist
    • Guest services manager
    • Hotel line cook
    • Manager of culinary services
    • Marketing manager
    • Media spokesperson
    • Nutrition consultant
    • Private chef
    • Research assistant
    • Restaurant assistant manager
    • Restaurant general manager
    • Sous chef
    • Specialty store manager
    • Technical service scientist
    • Test kitchen chef
  • Caroline Lynch, CIA accelerated culinary arts certificate program (ACAP) alumni, has worked as a senior associate scientist and senior food technologist in product development. She currently is a designer culinologist and food scientist at IDEO.

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