• CIA Alumni Steve Ells '90 and his fast food chain, Chipotle
  • College Success Rate

    Maximize Your Success

    Choose a culinary college that gives you the greatest chance for success.

    • At the CIA, our overall graduation rate is an impressive 78 percent. In addition, 90 percent of students in our associate degree programs who continue on to bachelor’s degree study complete their degrees.
    • These rates exceed the national averages for two-year private colleges (51 percent) and four-year private colleges and universities (55 percent).*
      *Source: 2012 ACT National Collegiate Retention and Persistence to Degree Rates Report and IPEDS Data Center

    Look for opportunities for long-term career and earnings success.

    • CIA alumni work for the food industry’s biggest employers and enjoy extraordinary career opportunities and salary growth. Within five years of graduation, many see their salaries increase by 50 percent and get promoted.

    Find a college with a large network of successful and connected alumni.

    • Sometimes who you know is just as important as what you know. With a CIA degree, you’ll be connected to a global professional network that includes more than 50,000 graduates who work in every segment of the food industry. As fellow alumni, they also recognize the value of a CIA education and are looking to hire people who share the same level of commitment to their profession. They’ll help you land your first job, offer advice, and provide career opportunities at some of the top food companies in the world.

    Colleges with strong industry reputations give you the best career opportunities.

    • Earning your degree from a culinary college with a strong reputation is key to getting noticed in the highly competitive global job market. Thankfully, the food companies all over the world recognize a CIA degree as a gold standard of professional excellence. In fact, 76 percent of surveyed employers in the food industry have indicated they prefer to hire CIA graduates.