The Culinary Institute of America

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    VeteranIf you look at food with a critical eye and think of how you can improve upon it, a career in the foodservice industry is for you. At The Culinary Institute of America, our students have one very important thing in common—a passion for food. You will find that our campus community is made up of students from all different walks of life. Many CIA freshmen enroll right after graduating from high school. Others come with a desire to advance their careers after working in the foodservice industry. Still others choose the CIA because they want to change careers so they can follow their dream of working with food.

    No matter what your background, you will be in good company at the CIA. Our students range in age from 18 to 64 and the diversity of backgrounds and life experiences that you will find among CIA students, creates a stimulating learning environment and a vibrant campus community where you will fit right in. So, if you’ve been out of school for more than one year; are currently working in the industry; are looking to change careers; are a veteran; are an international student; or are an entrepreneur, the CIA has the programs you need to be successful in the foodservice industry.

    We’re Ready When You Are

    We understand that as a non-traditional student you have other considerations such as work, family, and career. The CIA is unique in that we offer year-round admission making it easy to start your education when it is most convenient for you. You can choose from several entry dates throughout the year for our degree programs and when you enroll in any of our Winter or Spring entry dates (January–June), you’ll receive the following benefits:

    Investing in Your Future

    We know that deciding to pick up and go to college when you have a job and/or other commitments isn’t always easy. By choosing the CIA and investing in the best culinary education available, you’ll maximize the return on your education investment and position yourself for the best possible career opportunities. In just 21 or 38 months, our associate or bachelor’s degree programs will give you practical, hands-on kitchen training and critical thinking skills—allowing you to get you out into the culinary world where you can pursue your passions and achieve your career goals.

    Financial Aid Tips:

    • Be sure to file your FAFSA. More than 90% of our students receive some form of financial aid. Don’t assume you won’t qualify.
    • Check out our available scholarships and grants
    • Experience counts. Even if your food service experience was more than 10 years ago, as long as it meets our requirements, it qualifies.
    • Get on the fast track! Transfer your college credits to the CIA’s bachelor’s degree program.