• The Learning Strategies Center at the CIA's San Antonio Texas Campus offers tutoring, disabilities, and other services to students.
  • Learning Strategies at San Antonio

    The CIA, through the Learning Strategies Centers (LSC) at the Hyde Park, NY and San Antonio, TX campuses, provide degree program students at the CIA San Antonio with opportunities to enhance their skills and develop study strategies for success. Located in the library on the third floor, the LSC offers a wide array of services, including tutoring, disability services, and mentoring programs, and are available at no charge.

    Tutoring Services

    Students who are interested in obtaining extra help through tutoring services should contact the Learning Strategies Center administrator, who will make arrangements for a peer tutor. A peer tutor is a student who has successfully completed the course and has demonstrated proficiency in that class. Peer tutors can provide one-on-one tutoring to support and assist students in their classes at no additional charge to the student.

    In addition, advice on time management, learning styles, note taking, test-taking strategies, and organization is also available through the Learning Strategies Center administrator.

    Disability Services

    The college provides support services for students with disabling conditions. The Learning Strategies Center (LSC) at the Hyde Park, NY campus will assist qualified students in attaining reasonable accommodations and support services. Our disability support specialists are available to discuss students’ specific needs in the classroom, kitchen, and residence hall. Reasonable accommodations may include readers, note-takers, priority seating, enlargement of notes, tape recording a lecture, books on CD, interpreters, testing accommodations, assistance with lifting, priority registration, or residence hall accommodations, depending on the student’s documentation and specific functional limitations. After reviewing the documentation and interviewing the student, a disability support specialist will determine and recommend appropriate accommodations for each student’s course of study. The recommended accommodations will be communicated to the student and, with his or her consent, to the Learning Strategies Center administrator and the proper personnel at the CIA San Antonio in order to best assist the student. For more information please consult our Academic Catalog.

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