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    Mandatory Medical Requirements for Incoming Freshmen

    Every CIA student is required to submit a complete physical examination on the mandatory CIA Physical Examination Form, with required immunizations, a copy of your health insurance card, and all required papers 30 days prior to Arrival Day. Students will not be permitted in class unless the complete mandatory CIA Physical Examination Form an required documentation is submitted.

    Immunization Requirements

    Texas Department of Health Immunization Law requires proof of two MMR vaccinations given on or after the first birthday, and Meningitis vaccination. The CIA also requires vaccination against hepatitis A. Vaccination against hepatitis B and meningitis is recommended but not required.

    While on Campus

    The CIA Texas campus in San Antonio does not provide on-campus medical services. Students should report all injuries to their chef instructor and the kitchen manager at the time of the injury. First aid kits are available in all kitchens for minor injuries. Emergency services (911) will be called should a student need transportation to a hospital for treatment. The cost of non-routine treatment, off-campus doctor visits, prescriptions, medications, and vaccines will be the student responsibility.

    Health Insurance

    The CIA does not provide medical health insurance. Students coming from out-of- state can get insurance and information from their “state of permanent residence” Health Insurance Exchange. The college carries secondary student accident insurance for each student, which will provide coverage for accidents only.

    Please direct all issues and questions for the Student Health Services Department to the CIA New York campus at 845-451-1261 or ciahealthservices@culinary.edu.

    Your Confidentiality

    Students have a right to anticipate that their relationship with the CIA Student Health Services will be one of complete confidence. All information and records pertaining to any aspect of a student's health are strictly confidential. Except in emergencies, information concerning the nature of illness or injury, diagnosis, and treatment plan will only be provided to legally responsible parents/guardians or designated individuals with the direct knowledge and signed consent of the student.

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