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  • CIA Celebrates International Education Week

    Programs for Faculty, Staff and Students to Expand Their Global Awareness

    Author Carlos Dorantes ’25 is a Food Business Management major.

    The Culinary Institute of America embraced International Education Week. A wonderful occasion dedicated to recognizing the contributions of international students and the richness they bring to our college community. Everyone was welcome to attend all events! This campus-wide effort represented our first full week of international events in three years, and a strong turnout of support was both energizing and greatly appreciated.

    The week kicked off with the Diwali Celebration hosted by ISS (International Student Services). This Hindu holiday is the time for families and communities to come together. The celebration symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. The celebration featured authentic Hindu cuisine, complimentary henna art by a skilled artist, lively music, and an overwhelming sense of unity and love. It was a heartwarming gathering where community spirit thrived, fostering connections and creating lasting memories.

    Throughout the week, various parts of our campus continued the celebration of International Education Week. The student dining hall underwent a transformation, featuring a diverse array of dishes from around the globe. Our campus’s Student Recreational Center hosted a number of events related to the celebrations:

    • An International Potluck brought together a variety of cuisines from different cultures.
    • The International Coffee Hour featured delightful Mexican hot chocolate.
    • International Shenanigans, an event which showcased crafts, drinks, games, and various engaging activities.
    • A captivating demonstration guided attendees on crafting tofu from scratch.

    The collective effort and participation from students, faculty, staff, and visitors made this celebration a milestone event. The week served as a reminder of the strength found in diversity and the power of coming together to celebrate global education. The enthusiasm and support shown by everyone involved greatly contributed to the success of the event, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that will be remembered fondly.

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