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  • CIA California Faculty Bios

    These dedicated teachers provide the perfect blend of food and wine expertise—from master chefs to master sommeliers—in the ideal setting for food and wine education, the Napa Valley. Baker of the Year? Check. Editor’s Choice Book Award? Check. Best Wine Director? Check. Read about these and the many other accomplishments of our CIA faculty in California...

  • Educational Administration

  • Thomas Bensel, CIA Managing Director, Educational Administration
    Managing Director—California Campus
    Adam Busby, General Manager—CIA at Greystone, CA
    General Manager—Greystone
    Robert Jörin, CIA Professor and Team Leader—Baking and Pastry Arts, California campus.
    Associate Dean—Degree Programs

  • Baking and Pastry Arts

    Meet the baking and pastry arts faculty at our New York and Texas campuses as well.

  • Aaron Brown, CIA Chef-Instructor—Baking and Pastry Arts
    Professor—Baking and Pastry Arts
    Steven E. Isaac
    Associate Professor—Baking and Pastry Arts
    Javier Mercado-th
    Assistant Professor—Baking and Pastry Arts
    Angela Salvatore-th
    Assistant Professor—Baking and Pastry Arts
    Elisha Smiley
    Lecturing Instructor—Baking and Pastry Arts

  • Culinary Arts

    Meet the culinary arts faculty at our New York and Texas campuses as well.

  • Gabriel Martin Boyer ’06-th
    Lecturing Instructor—Culinary Arts
    Almir Da Fonseca, CIA Chef-Instructor—Culinary Arts
    Professor—Culinary Arts
    William Heubel, CIA Chef-Instructor—Culinary Arts
    Associate Professor—Culinary Arts
    Daniel Kedan
    Lecturing Instructor—Culinary Arts
    Lars Kronmark, CIA Professor—Culinary Arts, Greystone campus, CA.
    Professor—Culinary Arts
    Sarah Linkenheil, CIA Chef-Instructor—Culinary Arts
    Assistant Professor—Culinary Arts
    Kelly M. Mills, CIA Chef-Instructor—Culinary Arts
    Assistant Professor—Culinary Arts
    No Photo-th
    Lecturing Instructor—Culinary Arts
    Kevin Vu-th
    Lecturing Instructor—Culinary Arts
    Michael Wille
    Associate Professor—Culinary Arts
    Thomas Wong ’86, CIA Professor and Team Leader—Culinary Arts, California campus.
    Professor—Culinary Arts

  • Hospitality and Service Management

    Meet the hospitality and service management faculty at our New York and Texas campuses as well.

  • Steve Mercer-th
    Lecturing Instructor—Hospitality and Service Management
    Keith Rada-th
    Assistant Professor—Hospitality and Service Management
    Dustin Rogge
    Professor—Hospitality and Service Management
    Michael Wolf, CIA Assistant Professor—Hospitality and Service Management, California campus.
    Associate Professor—Hospitality and Service Management

  • Liberal Arts

    Meet the liberal arts faculty at our New York campus as well.

  • Amber Cecile Brodie-th
    Lecturing Instructor—Writing and Communications
    Sanna Delmonico, CIA Instructor—Nutrition and Food Safety, California campus.
    Associate Professor—Nutrition and Food Safety
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