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  • Alternative (Private) Loans

    Some lenders offer alternative (private) loans as a means to fund your education. These loans are generally based on your credit history and can be used in addition to any federal, state, institutional, or private funding you receive. It is important to use all available resources and to file the FAFSA before applying for an alternative loan. Please be aware that final approval must be received from your bank before an alternative loan will be deducted from your bill. You may be eligible for Federal loans or grants which usually have much more favorable terms and conditions than Alternative loans.

    • Students are not required to select a lender from this list.
    • This list is intended as a guide to assist our students. Students may choose any lender offering an Alternative loan, regardless of whether or not the lender appears on this list.
    • The interest rates on these loans depend on your credit rating. Students with excellent credit ratings will receive the most favorable interest rates.
    • Neither The Culinary Institute of America nor any of its employees benefits from the inclusion of lenders on this list.
    • View more information about federal grants and loans.
    • Student Loan Consolidation Guide.

    Here are some Alternative Loan lenders who offer very competitive rates and benefits:

    Learn more about these Lenders. Remember, you are not required to select a lender from this list.

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