• Spain - Taste the flavors
  • Global Cuisines and Cultures Trip to Spain

    On your three-week journey to Spain, experience authentic Spanish meals and fine wines. Along the way, you’ll interact with local food producers and visit wineries, farms, museums, and world-class restaurants to better understand this popular cuisine. Attend cooking demonstrations and tastings led by elite chefs, pastry chefs, and chocolatiers, as well as participate in discussions and tastings with well-known enologists. You’ll also tour famous Spanish cities, culinary regions, and historic landmarks.

    Other highlights:

    • Visit local homes and see firsthand traditional Spanish cooking.
    • Meet fishermen off the coastal towns of Basque country and farmers who breed Iberian pigs in Andalucia or Castile and León.
    • Tour large cheese-making facilities as well as the artisanal, family-owned cheese makers and small bakeries.
    • Taste the wines of Spain—Cava from the Penedès region, Sherry from Madrid and Jerez de la Frontera, and vintages from the internationally known Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and Txakoli regions.
    • Experience Spanish architecture and enjoy the beautiful rhythms of the flamenco and the fandango.
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