Global Cuisines and Cultures Trips to China

    Explore the wonders of China. During this trip, you will sample the country’s regional cuisines, visit growers and producers, and learn from food and wine experts. You will also visit some of China’s natural and historical treasures, giving you incomparable insight into the culture and culinary traditions of the world’s most populous nation.

    On this culinary adventure in China, you will gain a whole new perspective on your future career, enrich your CIA education, and make memories to last a lifetime. In the following video, CIA student Leah shares some of her experiences on this culinary adventure.

    Instructor’s Note:Professor Shirley Cheng, CHE
    Shirley Cheng, CHE
    Professor in Culinary Arts
    Global Cuisines and Cultures Trip to China

    The history of China encompasses more than 5,000 years of intriguing and exquisite developments, events, and traditions. This culinary travel experience covers far more than food and wine; it unfolds the mystery of Chinese culture, gastronomy, and daily life.

    The journey begins in Sichuan, the largest agricultural province in China, where students experience the province’s rich culinary heritage as they hand-pick, toast, and package their own tea leaves and visit restaurants resembling farmhouse kitchens. In Shanxi Province, students explore Xian, one of the ancient capitals of the world, and the Shanxi Museum, which boasts an exquisite collection of ancient culinary and artisan utensils. In Beijing, the capital of China, BPS students taste the northern regional style of Chinese cuisine, one that is very different from that of Sichuan. They savor delicious Beijing duck, tasty dumplings, mutton hot pot, and so much more.

    The course aims to expose students to the multifaceted nature of China’s geography, culture, and cuisine. Just as students experience the Bamboo Mountain in Sichuan, the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, and the Great Wall in Beijing, they also encounter the many forms culinary culture takes in Chinese life. Students may eat street food for one meal and dine at an upscale restaurant for the next. Global Cuisines and Cultures: China presents a truly memorable opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the intersections of ancient and modern culture that characterize contemporary Chinese society. Each day of the trip brings them to a new level of understanding of the Chinese way of life and the culinary culture that sustains it.

    Learn about the benefits of having a trip leader who is both a Chengdu-native and an expert in Asian cuisine.

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