• Living with a CIA Roomate
  • Living with a CIA Roommate

    Learning to live closely with a new roommate can be a rewarding and broadening experience for you and can lead to a long-lasting friendship. It can also be a difficult task. In building a healthy relationship with your roommate, good communication is essential. Open and honest discussion and active listening will help resolve those little conflicts that inevitably occur. Respect for your roommate's personal property, privacy, and study/sleep needs will also help foster a successful relationship. Remember, you are a roommate too. In exceptionally difficult situations, an RA or RD may act as mediator.

    Survival Tips

    Always ask permission. Don’t just use the iron or eat the cookies, even if you think it might be okay. Take accurate phone messages. Realize there is no perfect roommate. Concentrate on making this roommate relationship work. Don’t let little things build up. Talk about minor things when they happen. Don’t wait for the last straw. Avoid being judgmental. You are not your roommate’s keeper. Be willing to compromise. Set the tone to solve a problem, not just complain about it. Be assertive—stand up for yourself and what you want.

    Room Changes

    Since roommate compatibility and familiarity with a new home take time to develop, the Residence Life Office will use discretion with regard to fulfilling room change requests during students’ first month on campus. After that time, a room change will be considered for the following reasons:

    • Medical or financial need
    • Upper-level students not accommodated with their prior choice of roommates upon return from their externship

    Students should submit applications for room changes to their RD by the first Thursday of the current block of study.