CIA New York Student Groups and Clubs

  • With so many clubs and organizations to choose from, you’re certain to find one that matches your interests or talents or simply sparks your curiosity. Check out performance and entertainment clubs, multicultural and religious groups, the student newspaper, culinary focused clubs and more…

    Just starting at CIA? Make sure to attend CLUB CON where you can meet all the current clubs and join those you like!

    • Bacchus Wine Society, which promotes the appreciation of renowned wines and spirits through tastings, special events, and wine excursions.
    • Black Culinarian Society, which promotes diversity awareness through cultural discussions, cooking demonstrations, and a closer look at black history.
    • Brew Club, increases the understanding of domestic and international beer production, as well as examines local breweries.
    • Culinary Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational student organization that focuses on Bible study and service to the community.
    • Culinary Science, which evaluates journal articles and explores topics of scientific merit and relevance to the culinary field.
    • Drama Club, explores all sorts of performance art from musicals and theater to dance!
    • Food Sourcing Club, has a focus on identifying, educating, and inciting change regarding the sourcing of food.
    • Hospitality Management Club, values professionalism and works toward educating others about the hospitality industry.
    • JAM Dance Club, aims to bring students an opportunity to relax, have fun and make new friends while getting to express themselves through dance.
    • Jewish Student Union, which explores Jewish culture, food, and traditions.
    • La Papillote, The CIA’s student newspaper that reflects the diverse views of the campus community and provides a forum for civil discussion.
    • Paranormal Club, brings awareness to the supernatural world and to bring people together who share a common curiosity in the paranormal.
    • SAGA (Alliance), which celebrates the power of a diverse student body, promotes respect throughout the campus community, and advocates for LGBT awareness.
    • SPICE (Student Programming Igniting Campus Entertainment), which works with the CIA student activities, recreation, and athletics staff to produce student events and bring entertainers to campus.
    • Student Government Association which represents the CIA student community and acts as their official voice in decisions affecting campus life (such as funding other student organizations).
    • Student Veteran Association, advocates for the veteran population at CIA through educational events and celebrating CIA’s rich history with the armed forces.
    • Student Weekend Activities Council (SWAC), brings exciting events such as scavenger hunts, painting events and more to campus on the weekend!
    • Table Top Gaming, where you can play board games, role-playing games, card games, and other tabletop games with fellow students.

    Many clubs and organizations are led by students, for students. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Start your own club. E-mail Danielle.Schmalz@culinary.edu, coordinator of student leadership and programming, about the creation of a new club or organization that fits your interests.

    To support our diverse community, the CIA offers a multitude of student-run clubs, organizations and on-campus activities to spark engagement and connections. Each CIA student organization at our NY campus is open to every student with respect to ethnic and national origin, race, color, disability, religion, gender, socioeconomic background, age, and sexual orientation. It is our goal and duty to create a welcoming community to all that call the CIA home.

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