CIA New York Student Groups and Clubs


    With so many clubs and organizations to choose from, you’re certain to find one that matches your interests or talents or simply sparks your curiosity. Check out performance and entertainment clubs, multicultural and religious groups, the student newspaper, culinary focused clubs and more…

    Just starting at CIA? Make sure to attend CLUB CON where you can meet all the current clubs and join those you like! Here are some examples of clubs, which vary by semester:

    • Bacchus Wine Society: To inspire and educate classmates on wine in a more casual way than class.
    • Black Culinarian Society (BCS): Introduce our student body to our culture and culinary traditions that represent who we are through food and interactions. Learn more about the Black Culinarian Society with this overview video >
    • Ceramics Club: Our mission statement is to create a club that helps students to distress and show their creativity through creating pottery.
    • Cheese Club: In the cheese club we are passionate about cheese. Our mission is to learn with our fellow students all things cheese, from its history, process, science, and of course tastings.
    • Coffee Club: Coffee Clubs mission is to explore the complex world of coffee through cooking, events, demonstrations, and general education.
    • Conscious Palates: They work to advocate conscious eating and inclusivity through providing tangible approaches and mediums in encouragement of plant-driven palettes as the imperative roles of future food leaders.
    • Culinary Christian Fellowship (CCF): There goal is to help students grow in their faith by keeping them centered on the gospel as they navigate through the world of this culinary industry. Learn more about the Culinary Christian Fellowship Club with this overview video >
    • Curtain Call: The drama club on campus where students are provided an outlet for creative, collaborative, and expressional opportunities. Our mission is to promote a welcoming environment of music and art, through works of theater (singing, dancing, acting, tech, workshops, open mics, and more)!
    • Food Innovation Club: There purpose is to show students how to recreate the food wheel using Culinary Science techniques.
    • Hermanos Sin Fronteras (HSF): Unite Hispanics and Latinos while discussing their culture and heritage.
    • Hospitality Club: The hospitality club aims to put a spotlight on front of house experiences and careers in the hospitality industry. We create opportunities for students to meet local event planners and visit hospitality businesses in the area.
    • Jewish Student Union (JSU): To engage with all CIA students on the traditions, culture, and values of Judaism in a safe space. We step away from the religious aspects of what it means to be Jewish and focus on the culture. Learn more about the Jewish Student Union with this overview video >
    • Outdoors Club: The Outdoors Club’s mission is to promote outdoor activities and educate others about the environment.
    • Sexuality Alliance and Gender Awareness (SAGA): Our mission is to provide and maintain a safe space for people who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community, and, by extension, create and maintain a supportive and welcoming queer community here on the CIA campus.
    • SPICE (Student Programming Igniting Campus Entertainment) Club: SPICE works with the CIA student activities, recreation, and athletics staff to produce student events and bring entertainers to campus. Learn more about SPICE with this overview video >
    • Student Government Association: This club represents the CIA student community and acts as their official voice in decisions affecting campus life (such as funding other student organizations).
    • Student Veteran Association (SVA): The purpose of the Veterans’ Club is to provide a network of support to military veterans, their families, and civilian supporters.
    • Tabletop Gaming Club: Our mission is to create a healthy, fun, and welcoming environment for all through the community created by playing tabletop games.
    • Womxn: Our mission is the promotion of genuine interest in the opinion of women and advocating for them to be sought out. While it is mainly a female led club, anyone and everyone is welcome to join and maintain a supportive and welcoming campus environment.

    Many clubs and organizations are led by students, for students. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Start your own club. Email Jessica.Pavon@culinary.edu, coordinator of student leadership and programming, about the creation of a new club or organization that fits your interests.

    To support our diverse community, the CIA offers a multitude of student-run clubs, organizations and on-campus activities to spark engagement and connections. Each CIA student organization at our New York campus is open to every student with respect to ethnic and national origin, race, color, disability, religion, gender, socioeconomic background, age, and sexual orientation. It is our goal and duty to create a welcoming community to all that call the CIA home.

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