• CIA Student Dress Code
  • Dress Code: Dress for Success

    In the foodservice industry it’s important to look professional both inside and outside of the kitchen. Wear your uniform with pride! CIA kitchens and labs require chef's whites, and restaurant/hospitality settings require the relevant service uniform. Classroom courses, however, require either chef's whites or business professional attire.

    Business Professional

    If you're not wearing your chef's uniform, you must be in business professional attire while in all academic buildings. This includes orientation. Learn the dos and don'ts of dressing at the CIA:


    Your Chef’s Uniform

    Your chef's whites uniform is included in your tuition costs, but remember that you must supply your own pair of kitchen-appropriate shoes. They must be black, slip-resistant, have an enclosed heel, and be sturdy. Learn more about the importance of professionalism and how to respect your uniform:


    For more information about the dress code, check out the college’s Professionalism, Uniform, and Hygiene Policy in the CIA Academic Catalog.