• Learn about CIA CA housing and meal plan services for students - introduction to services for students at the CIA's California campus
  • Student Housing

    The opportunity to live on campus adds a unique dimension to your educational life at the CIA. The Residence Life staff want you to have a good academic experience and continue to grow as a person. Our objective is to make your stay in the residence hall a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

    Moving away from home and living with roommates in a community residence requires you to take increased responsibility for your actions. The CIA's residence program is designed to help make your transition to such a lifestyle a smooth one. How well you adjust depends mainly on you. Residence hall living can provide you with the unequaled experience of living and working with others, and a greater understanding of human relationships. You have the responsibility to make your residence hall a worthwhile place to live. Courtesy and respect for your roommates and neighbors will help meet this objective.

    The Residence Life Staff will help you make these halls feel like home. Your ideas, support, and participation are greatly appreciated.