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    There are several student-run clubs at Greystone, many that feature activities and programs designed by students. Meeting schedules and activities vary; complete information is available on the Greystone page of CIA Main Menu (the student web portal) for enrolled students. Past examples of Greystone student organizations have included:

    Bread Club
    Gives both baking and pastry and culinary arts students the opportunity to produce artisan breads and develop the skills and leadership necessary to produce highquality bread products.

    Greystone Green Thumbs
    Maintains an organic produce garden near campus. Students also sell their produce at the local farmers’ market in season and provide Greystone with ingredients during the off-season.

    My Plate
    Enables interested students to design and execute their own menu to be served to a limited number of fellow students at Greystone, under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

    Sage Thymes
    Greystone’s student newsletter, published periodically. The Sage Thymes covers a wide variety of topics, from food trends and campus happenings to world cuisines and chef profiles.

    Wine Club
    Provides students with the chance to learn about a variety of wine topics and participate in varietal tastings, regional tastings, and vertical tastings, as well as wine and food pairings. (Participants must be at least 21 years of age.)