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  • Global Cuisines ans Cultures Trips to Italy

    During your time in Italy, you'll witness the industry in action and gain knowledge from many sites. You'll enjoy delicious food, fine beverages, and fresh agricultural products, and meet passionate professionals and entrepreneurs eager to share their knowledge and unique insights. And you'll visit a number of culturally significant locations such as ancient ruins and museums.

    This fast-paced, memorable experience in Italy will bring the foodservice industry to life for you and enrich your overall education at the CIA.

    INSTRUCTOR'S NOTE: Dr. Anna d'Aniellio Kossman
    Dr. Anna d'Aniellio Kossman
    Associate Professor in Foreign Language
    Instructor, Global Cuisines and Cultures Trip to Italy

    Our Italian travel experience is a true Global Cuisines and Cultures trip. While Italian language studies are not required for the seminar, it integrates seamlessly with the study of Italian here at The Culinary. From their first day of Italian classes, BPS students learn about Italy's twenty regions. They do research and write reports about them. They taste their wines and their different cuisines. When students participate in the Global Cuisines and Cultures Trip, they visit eight of the twenty regions. They land in Venice and, after traveling all through the Italian peninsula for twenty one days, they depart from Naples. They taste as many as forty eight of the best wines, including Barolo and Brunello di Montalcino. They eat all the famous delicacies of each region. They visit the major museums of the various cities that they tour. It is a unique gastronomic and cultural trip. In truth, regular travelers to Italy would never have this experience; it is only possible for us as students and faculty of The Culinary.

    STUDENT SPOTLIGHT:Carolyn Coppolo
    Carolyn Coppolo
    BPS Culinary Arts Management 

    My name is Carolyn Coppolo and I am a culinary student about to start my final semester of the Bachelor's program at the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park.

    I originally hail from North Eastern Ohio, and received my first restaurant experience at the Mustard Seed Café in Solon. There, I learned the importance of working with fresh, local, organically grown ingredients. I am a strong supporter of self-sustaining restaurants and hope to open my own in the future.

    Recently, I was lucky enough to accompany twenty-four of my fellow classmates on a once in a life time tour of Italy, as apart of the bachelor's travel program. Starting in Venice, we ate and drank our way toward Sorrento. I experienced the freshest seafood of my life in Venice, Porto Venere and Naples; perfectly aged meats, cheeses and balsamic in Emilia-Romagna; had the privilege of seeing the Italian Slow Foods Movement first hand in Alba, and sampled some of the finest wines Tuscany has to offer.

    Though the food I ate was second to none, nothing impacted me more than seeing how the Italian people respected their land, plants and animals. I came to find that the Italian culture puts as much emphasis on their land as they do love for their family and hospitality.

    My visit to Italy restored my confidence in the human relationship with nature. So I hope you enjoy my view of Italy—not just for its amazing food and wine, but also for its culture, history, art, and amazing people.

    From Veneto to Sorrento: Watch Carolyn's Travel Presentation:

    Part 1 – Venice >   Part 2 – Bologna >   Part 3 – Torino & Alba >   Part 4 – Florence >   Part 5 – Rome >   Part 6 – Naples >