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    Student clubs and organizations play a prominent role in CIA campus life, so consider joining one or more for your professional and personal growth and enjoyment. Clubs are initiated, envisioned, and run by CIA students. The list that follows is subject to change; for the most current information, including meeting times and locations, please visit CIA Main Menu. Meeting schedules and activities vary. Contact Matt Ivins, coordinator of student organizations and government, for more information or with questions:; 845-451-1414.

    Celebrates the power of a diverse student body and promotes respect for all members of the campus community. Supports the CIA’s educational mission and core values by advocating positive LGBT awareness.

    Bacchus Wine Society
    Promotes the appreciation and perception of esteemed wines and spirits through tastings, special events, and wine excursions.

    Black Culinary Society (BCS)
    Promotes diversity awareness in the CIA community and the foodservice industry through enlightenment, demonstrations, and cultural history.

    Brew Club
    Seeks to increase understanding of domestic and international beer and its production, grow awareness of quality local beer, and share the love of good beer.

    Catholics at The Culinary
    Brings people together to promote and preserve the Catholic tradition through the expression of fellowship, service, and liturgy.

    C-CAP Club
    Hosts student study groups, chef demos, and tastings, and helps fellow students network with chefs across the country as a way of “paying it forward.” This club, formed by students receiving assistance from the not-for-profit C-CAP organization to start their careers in foodservice and hospitality, is open to all students.

    CHOP’T*(Chefs Harnessing Outdoor Pursuits Together)
    Gets students together to enjoy nature and experience outdoor activities like camping, hiking, rafting, and kayaking.

    Culinarians Against Childhood Hunger
    Works together with parents and children to help eliminate child hunger and obesity through education and by striving to create a new standard for easy, nutritious, budget-friendly recipes.

    Culinary Christian Fellowship
    Focuses on growing in Jesus Christ by studying the Bible. A non-denominational organization that reaches out to students on campus and in service to the community.

    Culinary Notes
    Creates a meeting ground for music lovers and aids in the appreciation of the diversity of the musical arts.

    Culinary Science Club
    Provides students the opportunity to critically evaluate current journal articles and discuss topics of scientific merit and relevance to the culinary field.

    Culinary Voices
    Sings under the direction of a professional director, Dan Koch. This campus choral group meets every Monday and Thursday at the Marriott Pavilion’s Ecolab Auditorium at 9:15 p.m. All are welcome!

    Eta Sigma Delta
    Serves as a network, career development resource, and research outlet for members. The CIA chapter of the international hospitality management honor society also sponsors student activities and community service.

    French Club
    Provides a fun educational environment for French- and non-French-speaking students and staff. Explores French culture as well as cultures influenced by France, allows members to speak the language with each other and broaden their skills, and hosts activities on campus.

    Fromage Friends
    Immerses members in a social and educational environment that celebrates the culture, history, and creative process behind a much-loved food. Tastes, pairs, and enjoys cheeses of all kinds.

    Jewish Culture & Community Club
    Provides both non-Jewish and Jewish students with the opportunity to experience Jewish culture, food, and traditions together on campus.

    KACIA (Korean Association at CIA)
    Promotes diversity on campus by spreading knowledge of the Korean culture through discussions and tastings. Strives to help Korean students adjust to the culture and climate of the CIA so they can become more productive members of the campus community.

    La Papillote
    Examines contemporary issues of the foodservice industry and reports on news of the college. The newspaper of the CIA reflects the diverse views of the campus community and provides a forum for civil discussion. La Papillote seeks reliable writers, editors, and layout editors.

    Meditation Group
    Practices meditation to relieve stress, stir creativity, and connect to the highest version of each individual.

    Mixology Society
    Provides a better understanding of and appreciation for spirits and mixed drinks. Fosters an environment of creativity and learning through tastings, lectures, and field experiences.

    Photography Club
    Explores the artistic side of styling and shooting food as well as enabling students who are interested in general photography to be able to learn and practice their skills.

    Pinterest Do It Yourself Club
    Inspires creativity and active, imaginative thinking through group projects such as building structures, designing clothing, making decorations, and more, including unique food-related projects.

    SPICE* (Student Programming Igniting Campus Entertainment)
    Works with the Office of Student Activities, Recreation, and Athletics to deliver great student events and bring comedians, hypnotists, and other entertainers to campus.

    Student Government Association*
    Represents the CIA student community democratically. Acts as the official student voice in decisions affecting campus life, including recognizing and funding student organizations. Bi-weekly meetings are open to all students.

    Table Top Gaming Club
    Provides a place for students to come together and enjoy recreational activities like board games, role-playing games, card games, and table top games.

    Theatre Guild
    Expands on the many dimensions of the arts, providing a safe, multicultural environment for self expression and creativity. Allows students to play with theater arts and drama while building teamwork, confidence, and public-speaking skills.

    Veterans Association & Auxiliary
    Assists current, incoming, and alumni veteran students with issues pertaining to their education and medical care, as well as providing support when working with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

    The Word—Poetry Club
    Brings together students interested in writing and performing slam poetry.

    Campus organizations, including those affiliated with an extramural organization, must be open to all students without respect to actual or perceived age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, color, national or ethnic origin, economic status, disability, veteran status, marital status, or any other group as protected by law. In order to maintain public order and the safety of all, both within and outside of the campus community, The Culinary Institute of America prohibits hazing of any type on its campuses or in any CIA-sponsored program. Hazing constitutes the activities of soliciting, directing, aiding, or otherwise participating actively or passively by any student, staff, faculty, visitor, contactor, or third party in premeditated acts of power and control over others that lead to victimization.

    *Student Advisory Committees

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