William Phillips, CIA Associate Professor—Culinary Arts

Faculty Bio: William Phillips ’88

Culinary Arts
Associate Professor—Culinary Arts
AOS with high honors, CIA; University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
Professional Background:
Chef, Red Sage Restaurant, Washington, DC. Chef Pâtissier, Chef de Cuisine, Maxime's, Granite Springs, NY. Studied with Chef Daniel Jarlot at Auberge Castel de Tres Girad, Morey-Saint-Denis Gevery Chambertin, France. Sous Chef, Otter Bay Company, Spokane, WA. Roundsman, Gambino's Italian Restaurant, Moscow, ID. Chef, Red Lantern Inn, Mount Kisco, NY; Biscuitroot Park, Moscow, ID. Prep Cook, Moreno's Sea Swiper, Moscow, ID.
Valedictorian, Academic Achievement Award, CIA, 1988.
 In Their Own Words:

Key Experience:
"My peers always told me I would make a great teacher. While working in the industry, I developed a love for the academic side of cooking lore."

Proudest Accomplishment:
"There are two. Graduating class valedictorian with high honors and earning three stars from Bryan Miller of The New York Times at Maxime's. This happened when Executive chef owner, Maxime Ribera was in Europe for over three weeks and left the kitchen and menu in my charge."

Advice to students:
"If it doesn't come naturally, leave it. You're probably not meant to do it. Don't spend your life working in a career that does not bring you complete joy. Make sure you live your own life and not the life someone else wishes for you."

What attracted you to the CIA:
"As a student, I always thought that one day I would return to teach."

What do you enjoy most about the CIA:
"The academic environment and the opportunity to fertilize young minds."

Favorite classroom story:
"By being approachable and extremely current in my field."

Favorite class:
"Advanced cooking in the American Bounty restaurant. I am able to be in touch with local farmers and products and create menus which reflect the currency of American cuisine. I also get to teach subjects that, on a personal level, greatly interest me. Native American history and biotechnology are just two of them."

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