• Napa Valley Wildfires—Recovering and Rebuilding Begins

    We are heartened by recent developments in the Napa Valley. Thanks to the brave and tireless efforts of firefighters and other first responders, the wildfires have been largely contained. Additionally, the weather forecast calls for rain—which will be very helpful and much welcome. Workers are back in the vineyards, and slowly but surely, wineries and other businesses in the region are reopening.

    We are extremely grateful to report that the CIA at Greystone and Copia were spared by the fires, and that our students, faculty, and staff are well. At the same time, we are keenly aware that many in and close to the CIA family were seriously affected by the fires and we stand ready to help in any way we can.

    As with the rest of the region, the CIA’s California locations are getting back on their feet. Classes have resumed at the CIA at Greystone, and our restaurant and café are open. Our experience is that the everyday routine of learning and working, coupled with the camaraderie and support of the CIA community, will help to restore normalcy. We have counselors on hand and available to support those who might be struggling with recent events.

    We are also relieved to report that the CIA at Copia is fully operational and ready to welcome visitors.

    We will continue to provide updates as needed, but thankfully, the Napa Valley has turned the corner on this unprecedented challenge. Our thanks again to our terrific staff and faculty for helping us manage through this trying time well.