Classes for degree and certificate program students at all of our U.S. campuses will not be in session from August 5–September 5, 2022.


  • The Admissions Office at all three campuses will be available to support prospective students and their families. You can reach us at 1-800-CULINARY or

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  • Read about CIA's college volleyball team, see the player roster. Learn about the CIA Steels team.
  • 2019 CIA Volleyball Roster

    The Steels volleyball team includes women enrolled in every major at the CIA. They put the “student” in student-athlete, as this team is often well represented on the Hudson Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Conference All-Academic Team.






    Hometown/High School

    1 MacKenzie Coker So. 5’2” DS/S South Milwaukee, WI/South Milwaukee High School
    2 Chloe Kem Fr. 5’2” DS/S Utica, NY/New Hartford Senior High School
    6 Tatiana Johnson Fr. 5’10” OH/MH Albuquerque, NM/Eldorado High School
    7 Hannah Goodenough Fr. 5’8” OH/MH Baltimore, MD/Friends School of Baltimore
    8 Samantha Fencyk Fr. 5’1” S Dearborn Heights, MI/Crestwood High School
    11 Phuong Ta Fr. 5’4” OH Gainesville, GA/Maranatha Christian Academy
    14 Shannon Lyons Fr. 5’5” OH/RS Stamford, CT/JM Wright Technical High School
    15 Malkia Blake Fr. 5’11” MH Nantucket, MA/Nantucket High School
    16 Sau Wai Sin Fr. 5’3” OPP Hong Kong, China/The Calverton School

    Head Coach: Jamie Floryan